2nd June 1962

Stephenson Locomotive Society (Midland Area)
Sutton Coldfield Centenary Steam Train Tour

Loco Used 48930

Route : 1Z15 throughout

Loco Route
48930 Birmingham New Street - Gravelly Hill - Sutton Coldfield
48930 Sutton Coldfield - Aston - Stechford
48930 Stechford - ??? - Birmingham New Street - Harbourne Jn - Newton Jn (Bescot) - Wednesbury Town - Princes End - Dudley Port - Galton Jn - Soho Soap Works Jn - Perry Barr Station Jn - Birmingham New Street

Notes :
(1) Route confirmation required - above is from booked timings. This trip ran first with the West Midlands Rail Tour running upon completion of this itinerary.

Sources : Andrew Fairholm, Paul Barrett & Ian Clark (SLS)

Photo Review

48930 ready to depart Birmingham New Street at around 2pm (photo: Paul Barrett)

48930 in the bay platform at Sutton Coldfield (photo: Robert Darlaston)

48930 leaving Stechford (photo: Robert Darlaston)

From The John Debens Ticket Collection.

Timings (Booked Only)
(from Ian Clark (SLS))

Location Booked
Birmingham New Street 14.00d
Gravelly Hill 14.13a ~ 14.18d
Sutton Coldfield 14.30a ~ 15.02d
Aston 15/16
Stechford 15.24a ~ 15.36d
Birmingham New Street 15/45
Harbourne Jn 15/51
Newton Jn (Bescot) 16/09 [GL]
Wednesbury Town 16.30a ~ 16.35d
Princes End 16/42
Dudley Port 16/54
Soho Soap Works Jn 17/12
Perry Bar Station Jn 17/23
Birmingham New Street 17.37a

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