7th October 1972

Railway Preservation Society of Ireland

Loco Used steam: 186

Route :

Loco Route
186 Dublin Connolly - Newcomen Bridge Jn - Liffey Jn
186 Liffey Jn - (shunted on to) about 300 yards of the line towards Broadstone
186 from about 300 yards of the line towards Broadstone - Liffey Jn

Liffey Jn - North Strand Jn - Church Road Jn - NorthWall

186 North Wall - Church Road Jn - East Wall Jn - Howth Junction - Howth
186 Howth - Howth Junction - Dublin Connolly
186 Dublin Connolly - Howth Junction - Drogheda - Dundalk - Portadown - Belfast

Notes :
(1) Extracted from Irish Railfans News, November 1972; RPSI recently operated a railtour using its 0-6-0 No.186. On the morning of 7th October [1972], a special operated around the Dublin area, visiting Newcomen Junction, Liffey Junction (with a set-back a little towards the Broadstone), North Wall, East Wall and the Howth Branch. The train returned to Connolly Station before heading northwards on a single journey to Dundalk (and ultimately Belfast). Dundalk was the final destination for most of the passengers. We regret to record that what was a very enjoyable outing was spoiled to some extent by the activities of a 10-year-old boy at Kilbarrack who threw a sizeable piece of stone through one of the coach windows as the train was passing Kilbarrack bound for Drogheda. A lady passenger was cut quite seriously on the forehead (she had to have the wound stitched) and an emergency stop was made at Howth Junction to allow her to be transferred to an ambulance. This delay led to others and ultimately the train shunted at Drogheda to allow the 17:30 Down “Enterprise” to proceed after it stopped specially to pick up some of the Belfast passengers on. the tour who could not afford to be very late reaching there. The special reached Dundalk at 19:04, allowing speedy Dubliners to get the 19:05!
(2) Richard Maund adds: I know nothing more about it - I certainly wasn't on it - but I think the point can be made that the 'set-back a little towards the Broadstone' was unlikely to have been any more than the ca. 300 yards achieved on the tour on 11 Sep 1971 (which does feature in Six Bells).

Source : Richard Maund (from Irish Railfans News)

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