12th September 1972

Stephenson Locomotive Society / Manchester Locomotive Society
Port of Manchester Rail Tour

Did this tour run? Details taken from pre-tour advertising

Traction Used ?????
Stock Used Booked for open wagons or brake vans

Route :

Traction Advertised Route
???? Trafford Wharf - Junction B - Junction A - (cross canal by swing bridge, along the north side of no.8 dock, south side of no.9 dock) - Container Berth on north side of no.9 dock
???? Container Berth on north side of no.9 dock - Mode Wheel
???? Mode Wheel - Trafford Wharf

Notes :
(1) Planned in anticipation of the impending closure of most of the Manchester Ship Canal Dock lines which was scheduled for September 29th. There may have been other reversal points which are not detailed. Pre-tour advertising regarding the routing also stated 'Possibly other refinements may be possible' (!).
(2) Whilst the traction was not specified, the pre-tour advertising did state 'If the luxury of a steam locomotive is achieved, there will be a minimal surcharge payable on the trip'.

Source : Ian Clark (SLS)

Timings (Booked Only)

Location Booked (out) Booked (rtn)
Trafford Wharf 18.00d (20.15a)

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