30th May 1965

Home Counties Railway Society
Isle of Wight Railtour

Tour cancelled due to lack of bookings.

Planned route & locos:

Loco/Ship Route
'unrebuilt West Country' or 'Battle of Britain' London Victoria - Brighton
??? Brighton - Preston Park
'unrebuilt West Country' or 'Battle of Britain' Preston Park - Havant - Portsmouth Harbour
ship: paddle steamer Portsmouth Harbour - Ryde Pier Head
O2 Ryde Pier Head - Cowes
O2 Cowes - Ryde Pier Head
O2 Ryde Pier Head - Sandown - Shanklin - Ventnor
O2 Ventnor - Shanklin - Sandown - Ryde Pier Head
ship: paddle steamer Ryde Pier Head - Portsmouth Harbour
'unrebuilt West Country' or 'Battle of Britain' Portsmouth Harbour - Haslemere - Guildford - Woking - London Waterloo

Notes :
(1) 34051 'Winston Churchill' had been requested 'for part of the tour'.
(2) A paddle steamer had been requested 'if any had been taken out of store for summer working'.
(1) Formed in 1955 and originally known as the 'Middlesex Loco Spotters Club', their name was changed in the late 1950's to the 'Home Counties Railway Club' then in January 1963 it changed again, to the 'Home Counties Railway Society'. This would have been the societies 14th railtour had it run. In the event no more were organised.

Sources : John Clifford & Ron Walker

Timings (Advertised Only)
(from Ron Walker)

Location Booked
Victoria 09.02d
Brighton 10p02a ~ 10p15d
Preston Park 10.20 ~ 10.37
Havant 10/39
Portsmouth Harbour 11.53a ~ 12.35d
Ryde Pier Head ??.??a ~ 13.20d
Newport 13/45
Cowes 13.55a ~ 14.15d
Ryde Pier Head 15.01a ~ 15.10d
Sandown 15/26
Shanklin 15/37
Ventnor 15.43a ~ 16.00d
Brading 16.19a ~ 16.29d
Ryde Pier Head 16.41a ~ 17.30d
Portsmouth Harbour 18.00a ~ 18.16d
Haslemere 19/00
Guildford 19/14
Waterloo 19.48a

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