25th August 1993

Cherry Tree Catering / Regional Railways Swindon
The Paradise Flyer

Loco Used 37425
Stock Used 5322+5419+ ?5376? +9428+5293+5378

Route :

Loco Route
37425 12.45 Weymouth Quay - Yeovil Pen Mill
37425 14.30 Yeovil Pen Mill - Weymouth Town

Notes :
This train was booked to run each Wednesday (utilising the loco and stock off the morning 2O87 09.00 Bristol Temple Meads - Weymouth Town before it returned as 2V87 at 16.30) between 14th July and 1st September 1993. In the event a loco failure on the last day (1st September) meant the train did not run that day.

The train was advertised by Regional Railways at Swindon as a joint venture with CTC under the name "Special Train Through the Streets of Weymouth".

Sources : Shayne Lewis (on the train throughout), Adrian Knight & Nigel Benning

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