20th May 1989

Network South East
(Ilford Depot Open Day Shuttles)

EMU's Used at least 317312 & 317319

Route :

EMU's Route
as listed London Liverpool Street - Ilford Depot (1)
as listed Ilford Depot - London Liverpool Street

Notes :
(1) To temporary platform just over from main line. Confirmation of how many runs were made is required. Geoff Treby comments that the EMUs used on the shuttle he travelled on were 317319+317312.
(2) Rides within the depot on a re-railing unit (confirmed by Geoff Treby as C957 YOR, a BR/Brush machine) were made from crossing West of A Shop, via back sidings to cluster of points above Eastern part of B Shop, & back. How many runs were made is unknown.

Sources : Kevin Driscoll & Geoff Treby

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