31st December 1965

British Rail (N.E.R.)

Loco Used 60145
Stock Used 8 coaches

Route :

Loco Route
60145 York - Darlington - (via King Edward Bridge) - Newcastle [P10] - (via High Level Bridge) - Darlington - York

Notes :
(1) The North Eastern Region at York, at fairly short notice, put on this train to commemorate the end of main line steam on the NER - though in the event it survived a little while longer. It was hauled throughout by A1 60145 from York to Newcastle and return and made some very fast running. It certainly stopped at Darlington on the down journey and probably also on the up. The train was open to any fare paying passengers, though naturally there was a very heavy enthusiast presence.
(2) Photographic evidence exists of the loco carrying a 'The Norseman' headboard - was this the tour name?

Sources : David Whittaker & Nick Bartlett

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