5th September 1965

Great Western Society (South West Group)
Launceston Branch Centenary Tour 1865 - 1965

Loco Used 41283
Stock Used 4x corridor coaches

Route :

Loco Route
41283 Exeter St Davids - Cowley Bridge Jn - Coleford Jn - Okehampton - Meldon Jn - Lydford
41283 Lydford - Lifton - Launceston (GW)
41283 Launceston (GW) - Launceston (SR)
41283 Launceston (SR) - Ashwater - Halwill Junction
41283 Halwill Junction - Holsworthy - Bude
41283 Bude - Holsworthy - Halwill Junction - Ashbury - Meldon Jn - Okehampton - Coleford Jn - Cowley Bridge Jn - Exeter St Davids

Notes :
(1) Some publications list this railtour (booked for haulage by loco 3205) as having been cancelled on 5th September and run instead on December 12th, however various contributors who travelled and photographed the train all confirm that it did indeed run on 5th September. There is ticket evidence (dated and clipped) to support that a tour by the same organiser ran on 12th December from Plymouth to Launceston, but that was via Bere Alston & Lifton. Bernard Mills adds a comment that this was the last westbound steam departure from Okehampton.

Sources : Andrew Porter, Dave Mitchell, John Clifford, Terry Dorrity & Bernard Mills

Photo Review

41283 at New Bridge (near Cowley Bridge Jn) on the way to
Launceston (photo: Terry Dorrity)

41283 at Launceston (SR) station (photo: Bernard Mills)

From The John Debens Ticket Collection.

Timings (Booked Only)
(from Dave Mitchell)

Location Booked
Exeter St Davids 12.20d
Lydford 13.35a ~ 13.50d
Launceston (GW) 15.03a ~ ??.??d
Launceston (SR) ??.??a ~ 15.20d
Halwill Jn 15.41a ~ 15.50d
Bude 16.26a ~ 16.39d
Okehampton 18.20a ~ 18.33d
Exeter St Davids 19.18a

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