28th April 1963

Stephenson Locomotive Society
Farewell to the Kings Tour

Loco Used 6018 'King Henry VI'
Stock Used load 12

Route : 1Z77 throughout

Loco Route
6018 Birmingham Snow Hill - Tyseley - Leamington Spa - Banbury - High Wycombe - Greenford - Southall - Didcot - Rodbourne Lane - Swindon Works A Shop
6018 Swindon Works - Swindon - Didcot North Jn - Oxford - Banbury - Leamington Spa - Tyseley - Birmingham Snow Hill

Notes :
(1) Dave Groves reports a delay at Oxford on the return journey - an extended water stop.

Source : Dave Groves

Photo Review

6018 at Birmingham Snow Hill
(photo: the Bob Mitchell collection)

6018 at Whitnash en-route to Swindon (photo: Brian Burrows)

6018 heads her train past Greenford... (photo: Mike Morant)

...and a few moments later passing Drayton Green (photo: David Pearson)

6018 departing from Leamington Spa (photo: the Bob Mitchell collection)

From The John Debens Ticket Collection.

Timings (Booked Only)
Dave Groves & Ian Clark (SLS))

Location Booked
Birmingham Snow Hill 09.15d
Tyseley 09/21
Leamington Spa 09.41a ~ 09.45d
Banbury 10/20
High Wycombe 11/11
Greenford 11c38a ~ 11c40d
Southall 11w55a ~ 12w30d
Slough 12/42
Reading 13/04
Didcot 13/24
Rodbourne Lane 14/09
Swindon Works A Shop 14.19a
Swindon Works 16.50d
Rodbourne Lane 17/00
Didcot North Jn 17/41
Oxford 17.56a ~ 17.58d
Banbury 18/36
Leamington Spa 19.08a ~ 19.11d
Tyseley 19.39a ~ 19.41d
Birmingham Snow Hill 19.49a

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