5th December 2009

NENTA Traintours
Yorkshire's Christmas Festivities

Locos Used 47786 & 47826
Stock Used (4) 3350+3392+504+3359+3360+3362+1201+6000+6022+(6103, but replaced by 5478)+9493

Route :
1Z34 : North Walsham to Skipton
1Z35 : Skipton to North Walsham

Loco(s) Route
47826 (3) North Walsham - Hoveton & Wroxham - Norwich (4)
47786 (5) Norwich - Diss - Stowmarket (6)
47826 (3) Stowmarket - Bury-St-Edmunds - Ely - March - Whittlesea - Peterborough - (via ECML) - York
47786 (5) York - Church Fenton (7) - Cross Gates - Leeds - (7) Whitehall Jn - Shipley - Keighley - Skipton
47826 (3) Skipton - (reverse of outward route) - York
47786 (5) York - (reverse of outward route) - Stowmarket - Ipswich
47826 (3) Ipswich - Stowmarket - Diss - Norwich
47786 (5) Norwich - Hoveton & Wroxham - North Walsham

Notes :
(1) Passengers from Wymondham, Thetford and Cambridge were able to use service trains to get to/from this tour.
(2) Add-on options were: a return journey on the K&WVR, coach transfer to Grassington or a 'Pennine Canal Boat' trip on the Leeds & Liverpool canal.
(3) 47786 on rear.
(4) 6103 was removed at Norwich on the outward journey with binding brakes. The train ran one coach short to Skipton. 5478 was added for the return journey.
(5) 47826 on rear.
(6) Booked to reverse at Ipswich but did so at Stowmarket to catch-up lost time. Ipswich passengers got to Stowmarket using a Cambridge-bound service train.
(7) Booked route was Church Fenton - Castleford - Woodlesford - Engine Shed Jn - Whitehall Jn but train ran direct via Leeds to make up time.

Sources : various including Dan Adkins & Alan Chilestone

Tour Review
(by Alan Chilestone)

A trip that started off badly and then just got better! On the outward run to North Walsham it was noticed by the travelling fitter that the brakes on 6103, Coach B, were binding. Return to Norwich was at 20mph, where the offending Coach was removed. I was waiting to join the train at Bury St Edmunds and we watched as the expected departure gradually moved later, eventually to 09.05 (booked 07.40). We were waiting in the booking office below the station to keep warm. At around 08.40 some people went to platform 2 to use the loo. A few minutes later we heard a train enter platform 1. Someone shouted down Its our train! Panic with people on other platform. Fortunately the NENTA team and National Express booking clerk made sure all were over and on board before the train departed. The train had turned early at Stowmarket to make up some time however nobody had amended the screens so we still expected it 85mins late!

A spirited run up the fast lines out of Peterborough and through to York cut the deficit at York. Some more time was gained by a fairly swift reversal at York. Network Rail then sent us direct to Leeds instead of via Castleford, which meant we were ahead of time at Whitehall Jn! As we were following other services we arrived at Skipton on time.

The stock was booked to go to Hellifield for stabling, however a path was found to Carnforth and an extra coach was added. On the outward journey the passengers booked in coach B (6103) had been put in places where possible around the train, although a large number had to stand between Peterborough and York, so were grateful of the extra coach on the return.

The return journey proved uneventful!

Alan Chilestone

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