24th October 2009

Cumbrian Coast Explorer

Locos Used 47786 & 47826
Stock Used 6022+6103+1201+3359+3360+3362+99677+99673+99672+99679+99675+99671

Route :

Loco(s) Route
47826 (1) Cleethorpes - Grimsby Town - Habrough - Barnetby - Scunthorpe - Stainthorpe Jn - Applehurst Jn - Adwick Jn - South Kirkby Jn - Hare Park Jn - Oakenshaw Jn - Turners Lane Jn - Altofts Jn - Methley Jn - Engine Shed Jn - Whitehall Jn - Apperley Jn - Keighley - Hellifield - Settle Jn - (via S&C) - Petteril Bridge Jn - Carlisle
47786 (2) Carlisle - Currock Jn - Workington - Sellafield - Millom - Park South Jn - Barrow-in-Furness - Dalston Jn - Arnside - Carnforth U&DGL No.1
47826 (1) Carnforth U&DGL No.1 - Carnforth - Clapham - Settle Jn - (reverse of outward route) - Cleethorpes

Notes :
(1) 47786 on rear.
(2) 47826 on rear.

Sources : David Clark (joined/left the train at Scunthorpe) & David Russell

Tour Review
(by David Clark)

My dad was the one who notified me regarding this tour as it was advertised in the Local Quality Newspapers “The Scunthorpe Telegraph” and the “Scunthorpe Target”.




Well what was good about the trip for my dad to book?


* Out via S&C, Returning via Cumbrian Coast

* Cost of less than £50

* Pick up / Set down at the local station of Scunthorpe!


Friday morning at work I noticed the ECS was hauled by 47786 / 47826.  Both of which were dud for haulage.


In fact the last time I had 826 I believe was on another Railtourer trip, but this time to Brighton again from Scunthorpe. 47786 was a regular when GNER used to drag their Sunday services between Leeds and Doncaster.


I left work with 43161 / 43191 to Bristol Parkway, for 43301 / 43366 to Sheffield, for 144012 to Doncaster, and 144011 to Scunthorpe arriving at 8pm.


Saturday morning saw my mum take my dad and I to the station for a 0710 departure.  On arrival at the station, it was quite busy.  Never seen so many people! And quite a few people I know were there too who came out for a jolly day out in first class!


The tour was late due to the Cleethorpes to Manchester being late!  But this train was late due to the tour being late!  Confused?


The tour left Cleethorpes first, but was delayed at Grimsby, this in turn delayed the Manchester train.  And so, when the tour was looped at Barnetby for the Cleethorpes to Manchester train it was delayed further.


The tour departed 0721 with our coach right at the front with 47826 leading.  Pick Ups were made at Crowle and Thorne South before bearing right at Hatfield and Stainforth, going through Applehurst Jn, Adwick Jn, South Kirkby Jn and then at Hare Park Jn bearing right on to the line towards Crofton Jn, Calder Bridge Jn and through Normanton.


I must point out at this point that quite a few of the people on our table, and the one opposite had never ventured on these tracks before, so with the benefit of the quail was able to point out some local landmarks (well as much as the quail can help!).


At Altofts Jn we turned left, Methley Jn and headed passed Stourton FLT.


On Stourton FLT and the FLHH Loco depot was the following: 66572 / 66574 / 66548 / 66526 / 66503 / 66551 (Plus a fair few more).


We passed over the Leeds station throat and took the line towards Armley Jn, Shipley, Keighley, Skipton and by Skipton we were 3 early (at 09/08).  The weather was not the best on the day.  We were informed by the afternoon the weather on the Cumbrian Coast would be fair!


At Hellifield 46115 was seen waiting for the tour from Leicester to turn up.


On to the S&C.  One wonders how this line was built due to the scenery and the valleys etc it passes.  One can never be fed up of the route.


We arrived Carlisle at 1058 on platform 1 one late.  57313 was seen stabled outside Carlisle.  This is one of 4 57s normally used on 0532 Holyhead to Cardiff Central / 1615 Cardiff Central to Holyhead (Gerald of Wales).


On arrival there were a number of photographers out in force to view not only this charter, but also a charter from Leicester with 46115 Scots Guardsman, and a UKR tour from London Kings Cross with 67008.


Not only that, there were a number of ECML HST’s in and around Carlisle too.


A friend of mine was there on arrival, but he was on a HST across to Newcastle.


So we bode farewell and ventured out in to Carlisle proper.  In the end we found a couple we knew from Scunthorpe who were struggling with where to go in Carlisle for a meal (they were in their late 80s) and after being advised that the café in M&S was F&S we ventured over to BHS for a delightful cup of tea and a bit of cake.


After that my dad and I ventured back to the station and just watched the trains come in and out.  There were 156s, 158s, 221s, 390s, 66s and then 46115 “Scots Guardsman” arrived bang on time from Hellifield.  This was after a DRS driver had warned us the conditions on the S&C today would have been treacherous.


One thing to note about the three charters on the day was the lack of standard class accommodation.  There were only two coaches on ours, 2 standard coaches on the kettle tour, and probably the same on the UKR tour!  We can see where most money is made on these tours.  And I thought there was a recession?


At 1345 a 156 arrived from Stranraer arrived in to platform 4 very close to the rear of a heavily delayed NXEC HST.


The 1240 Glasgow Central to Preston 390 departed platform 3 at 1350 and our ECS for the charter to Cleethorpes arrived soon after with 47786 Roy Castle leading.


We departed at 1402 late due to adhesion problems in the area and set off down towards Maryport and the delightful Cumbrian Coast.  The scenery was superb, in fact we some sun for a few minutes anyway!  But that was changed when we went in to a rainstorm.


We passed through Workington, Whitehaven, Sellafield (66411 / 66422 / 37194 / 37688 / 37423 / 37609 / 37510 / 37087 all seen) and we were crawling in to Barrow In Furness.  The last time I did this route was on a 153 from Lancaster to Carlisle and fell asleep half way through the journey!  But as Rev W Awdry said on one of the thomas the tank engine stories “That’s another story” (I believe it was the sad story of Henry).


Due to the signal boxes not being open between Barrow and Ulverston, our train could not depart until the train in front (Barrow to Preston 1N35) had departed Ulverston.  We were sat in Barrow 10 minutes as a result, and staggered along to Carnforth U&DGL No1 where we arrived at 1732.


We departed at 1744 with 47826 leading for what was the homeward trip.  However, it was now dark, the weather was abysmal, people were yawning, and I got an education in the difference types of Cows / Sheep and everything else agricultural!  However, the lady opposite us, did get an education in train spotting and was calling out train numbers as we passed them! 


We passed Carnforth at 17/46, Settle Jn 18/25 and the route now was the same as we had covered in the morning.  So I could easily have declared that I fell asleep and we got back to Scunthorpe at 2058.  But that would be too easy!


We passed through Skipton P3, and was behind a stopping train to Whitehall Jn, Leeds, and got regulated at Engine Shed Jn for a services coming in to Leeds from Sheffield (158), an TPE ECS with 2 x 170s and a stopping Sheffield to Leeds service (150).


Leeds Road FLHH depot contained quite a number of 66s, and the journey afterwards was a bit of a yawn.  We seemed not to travel at any great speed.  In fact from Hare Park Jn to South Kirkby Jn we were following NTs 1922 Leeds to Doncaster which also suffered adhesion problems. 


By Applehurst Jn we were 13 late, but then we were behind the 1406 Jarrow to Lindsey Oil Refinery tanks with a Class 60 which was looped for us at Thorne Jn.


We passed through Hatfield and Stainforth at 20/14 15 late and dropped people off at Thorne South 2035 / 2036), Crowle 2045 / 2046 and arrived in to Scunthorpe at 2058 and said our farewells.


In fact the greatest speed of the journey after Stourton was from Althorpe to Scunthorpe!


We got back to the house, and that was me.  Cream Crackered! In bed till 0730 Sunday!


Sunday morning saw me return to South Wales with 43321 / 43303, 43163 / 43087 to Cardiff Central for a full 142077.


Verdict, En enjoyable day out with good company, good traction and good interesting scenic routes.


No doubt elsewhere on this website someone will be writing a report on PF’s 24 hour marathon in and around London on their Buffer Puffer where quite a few of my friends were located!


Well done to Railtourer, West Coast Railways, Network Rail and anyone else who was involved.


David Clark (2009)

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