7th March 2009

Bluebell Railway
The Wealden Exclusive

Loco Used 73136 (E6043)
Stock Used 4957+1482S+2515S


Loco Route
73136 Sheffield Park - Horsted Keynes - Kingscote
73136 Kingscote - Horsted Keynes - Sheffield Park

Notes :
(1) This was the Bluebell's first diesel worked train. All profits from the sale of tickets went towards the cost of removal of a rubbish tip between Kingscote & East Grinstead so that the railway can eventually get to East Grinstead. With a full train and tickets at 30 a head it was deemed successful. Each ticket allowed exclusive travel on the special and rides on the normal timetabled services on the day. After the special run 73136 and stock were used as an unadvertised additional passenger working to Horsted Keynes for an additional charge of 5 on top of the normal fares. For those holding Wealden Exclusive tickets travel was allowed on the additional service without further charge.

Sources : John Clifford & Andrew Pullar

Timings (Booked & Actual)
(from John Clifford & Andrew Pullar)

Location Booked Actual   Booked Actual
Sheffield Park 12.32d 12.34 [P2]   13.58a 14.01
Horsted Keynes 12/47 12/47 [P2]   13/45 13/47 [P2]
Kingscote 13.00a 12.59 [P2]   13.32d 13.36 [P2]

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