30th January - 1st February 2009

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Loco Used steam: 4
Stock Used 5x RPSI mark 2 set + generator van


Date Loco Route
30/01 (2) 4 Whitehead RPSI - Belfast Central - Dublin Connolly
31/01 4 Dublin Connolly [P3] - Drumcondra - Glasnevin Jn - Islandbridge Jn - Limerick Jn (3) - Cork
01/02 4 Cork - (reverse of outward route) - Dublin Connolly
01/02 4 Dublin Connolly - Drogheda - Belfast Central - Whitehead

Notes :
(1) This tour was run to commemorate the retirement of IÉ steam driver Tony Renehan, the Cork-Dublin leg being his last turn as a driver. An NIR crew worked the Dublin-Whitehead RPSI legs
(2) The 30/01 journey was a positioning move.
(3) Loco detached and used the Limerick Junction triangle to turn, working bunker first Limerick Junction to Cork (in order to have the loco chimney out of Cork the next day.
(4) Loco was turned on the Connolly turntable to face Belfast for final leg.

Source : Neil Brennan

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