7th September 2002

Pathfinder Tours
The Cumbrian Fellsman

Loco Used 6201
Stock Used FO x 5, BFK (Mark 2A), RMB, TSO x 4

1Z62 : Liverpool Lime Street to Carlisle
1Z63 : Carlisle to Liverpool Lime Street

Loco Route
6201 Liverpool Lime Street - Huyton - Earlestown - Wigan North Western - Blackburn - Clitheroe - Hellifield - (via S&C) - Carlisle
6201 Carlisle - ( via WCML) - Wigan North Western - (reverse of outward route) - Liverpool Lime Street

Source : Steve Robinson
(on the train throughout)

Tour Review
(by Steve Robinson)

The empty stock left Crewe at 0530 with 47799 doing the honours. The train was taken to Edge Hill where the steam was attached and the train then dropped into Lime Street. Here an over officious NW Trains station bert nearly cancelled the train by not letting any passengers on the platform unless Pathfinder signed an indemnity about any injuries! This of course they refused to do so the Police were called! The police told the station bert where to go and a few unpleasentries were then exchanged before the train departed a few minutes after the booked departure time of 0813.

6201 roared up the cutting and tunnels and through Mount Olive cutting picking up at Huyton, Earlstown, Wigan and Leyland before heading for Blackburn and the first water stop in the Goods Loop.

After Blackburn (left 5 early) the train plodded to Hellifield and then onto the S&C itself with a satisfactory run to Carlisle stopping to take water at Garsdale. Carlisle arr 15 early.

6201 left the train in the station and 66058 took the stock to Kingmoor yard and returned it to the staion for watering an hour before booked departure at 1740.

The Princess then roared again over Shap clearing the top at 57mph!, very impressive. Fast running down the Lune gorge took us to the next watering stop at Oxenholme Loop and then onto Preston where a presentation was made to the Driver as it was his last Steam run before retirement.

After more water the train return to Liverpool via the outward and arrival at Liverpool was a 3 minutes later than the booked time of 2222.

More water again was taken before the stock and 6201 on the rear was taken to Crewe by 47799. 6201 seemed to bank out of Liverpool but it was supposed to be in light Steam. (Very loud light steam!)

Steve Robinson

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