11th May 2002

NENTA Traintours
The Heartbeat Connection

Locos Used 67004 & 67010
Stock Used 9708+6801+6823+6146+5985+5929+5863+10228+3295+10247+3314+3388

1Z67 : 06.46 Norwich to Malton (then E.C.S. to Scarborough?)
(?1Z68 : 16.30 Scarborough to York - E.C.S. move?)
1Z69 : 18.45 York - Norwich

Loco Route
67004 Norwich - Diss - Haughley Jn - Stowmarkt - Ipswich
67004 Ipswich - Stowmarket - Haughley Jn - Bury St Edmunds - Ely - March - Peterborough - (via ECML) - York - Malton (1)
67010 (1) York - Norwich

(1) Route destination required - originally listed as Scarborough but Alan Chilestone recalls: the tour did not continue to Scarborough, unless as E.C.S. move. From Malton road coaches took passengers to either the NYMR or Eden Camp, returning directly to York from where the return journey started. Loco and stock was in the platform at York with 'Not to be moved' sign attached when coaches from Pickering returned. Alan Cooper adds; I believe that some people remand on the train to Scarborough.

Sources : Alan Chilestone (joined/left the train at Bury St Edmunds),
Alan Cooper (on the train throught, to Malton), Graham Hardinge & Scott Spencer

Photo Review

67004 at Norwich in the morning (photo: Alan Cooper)

67004 waiting to leave York in the evening (photo: Alan Cooper)

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