4th May 2002

first Great Western
(Football Specials)

HSTs Used several including;
43002 + 43181 (1Z23 & 1Z72)

A number of specials ran to convey Arsenal and Chelsea supporters to Cardiff for the FA Cup final. 

Route (1)
London Paddington - Reading - Swindon - Bristol Parkway - Severn Tunnel Junction - Newport - Cardiff
Cardiff - (reverse of outward route) - London Paddington

Trains ran outward as follows;
1Z10 08.12 ex Padd
1Z15 09.12 ex Padd
1Z18 09.48 ex Padd
1Z21 10.12 ex Padd
1Z23 10.48 ex Padd
1Z26 11.12 ex Padd
1Z31 12.12 ex Padd

1Z72 18.10 ex-Cardiff
(others not given)

(1) Route of 1Z23/1Z72 only confirmed.
(2) details of the other HSTs used and return headcodes would be appreciated.

Source : Roger Elliott
(travelled on 1Z23/1Z72 throughout)

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