4th May 2002

Green Express Railtours
Edinburgh Coast to Coast Grand Tour

Locos Used 31106, 31452, 31602 & 33108
Stock Used (1) 99127+99371+99121+99327+99722+1860+99723+4958+99329+99326+99328
(2) 5032+4984+4940+99318+99680+99311+5035+4994+4951+99323

Route :
1Z58 : 06.10 Lancaster to Edinburgh Waverley
1Z20 : 16.42 Edinburgh Waverley to Brighouse

Loco(s) Route
31452 + 31602 Lancaster - Preston - Blackburn - Hebden Bridge - Milner Royd Jn - Brighouse - Healey Mills - Wakefield Kirkgate - Castleford - York - (via ECML including Darlington station avoiding line) - Edinburgh Waverley
31452 + 31602 Edinburgh Waverley - Haymarket - Midcalder Jn - Carstairs East Jn - Carstairs South Jn - Carlisle - (via XMCL) - Oxenholme (3)
31452 (3) Oxenholme - Lancaster
31106 + 33108 Lancaster - Preston - Blackburn (3)

(1) Stock used from Lancaster to Lancaster.
Stock used from Lancaster to Blackburn.
(3) 31452 failed at Oxenholme. This day was
31106ís first outing on the main line as a Fragonset loco, however it failed before departure from Carnforth on the ECS for the St. Jamesís tour which ran the same day, with what later transpired to be a fault with a power relay. That tour therefore ran with just the 33 working on the outward journey. The problem was fixed for the return by borrowing a relay from the same locoís vacuum brake system, the stock being dual braked.  This tour, meanwhile, experienced problems with 31602, leaking considerable amounts of fuel. It was refuelled at Craigentinny for the journey south, but lost the last of its diesel approaching Oxenholme. 31452 struggled on alone to the outskirts of Lancaster, but failed with the effort of dragging 11 coaches plus its dead sister, and coasted into the station. With both engines complete failures, an alternative was sought. The Preston standby, a RES 47, was sent north, but on arrival it was realised that the loco was air only, whilst the stock was vac only! It was then decided to use the 31+33 combination off the St. James tour, which was, by this time, almost at the end of its return journey. However, because the vacuum brake system was now inoperative on 31106,  both locos and stock were used to form the Green tour forward from Lancaster, passengers transferring from one platform and set to another. The train was eventually terminated at Blackburn, as by that stage a booked engineering possession had been taken on the route ahead. Passengers for stations to Brighouse were taken home by a fleet of hastily-arranged buses and taxis, the stock returning ECS to Ribble Jn (Preston) to stable overnight.

Source : Mark Sutton

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