Using information from this Website elsewhere

The main aim of this Website (Six Bells Junction, or SBJ for short) is to provide an accurate record of all the railtours (and other stuff) contained within the Website. In providing a single-point reference as it has become I am aware that it is being used by many people researching our railway history and for many different reasons....I'm pleased to know it is proving useful for so many people and it certainly makes the work maintaining it feel all the more worthwhile!

As such I have no objections to the subsequent use of information contained within the Website for any sensible purpose, in fact I happily encourage people to use it if it enhances their own work (be that private or published). I do however have a handful of requests I would like you to respect when it comes to using the information elsewhere;

1. Please do not take/use photos without first contacting me - wherever possible I will endeavour to contact the original photographer and seek his permission for you to use the photograph elsewhere. I can also potentially organise a better quality image as I tend not to upload very high quality images (partly to discourage people from ripping them off for use elsewhere)

2. If you want to use some information in a public domain (e.g. other Website, or published material e.g. book, magazine, video/DVD) please contact me to let me know your intentions. Again, I may contact the original provider of the information to seek their "approval", though in reality I believe most people who have provided information are unlikely to raise any objections to its use elsewhere.

3. Following on from point 2. above, when using information from this Website in published material (e.g. e.g. book, magazine, video/DVD) I really would also appreciate a credit for the Website within the publication (rather than my name or that of the contributor concerned), preferably with the Website address included ( My reason for doing this is simple, the more people who are introduced to the Website, the greater the chance of new material and information being forwarded to me for inclusion. In time this should mean SBJ becomes an even better reference source for "all things railtour".

Thanks for your understanding!

Gary Thornton.

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