Gen Submission - Some Helpful Hints

This is a pretty boring Page, for which I apologise - but if you can spare a few minutes to read it through and can stick to the "rules" given below I can assure you it will be very much appreciated. The popularity of this Website of late has almost left me breathless - almost, but not quite as I know it is a very useful "service" and is helping many people reconstruct old hazy or lost records etc. One thing it is however doing currently is leaving me swamped with incoming gen for uploading - as such that is not a complaint but I do get a little frustrated that I cannot always upload it as quickly as I'd like, and occasionally I have even received e-mails from people who are essentially complaining about the lack of updates or slowness of uploading provided gen!

Sorry but I am basically one person trying to do my best to keep up....someone with a pretty demanding life away from the 'Net too (and which is also currently taking up more of my free time with little sign of change in the near or medium term future). That's not however a hint to stop sending it, far from it, the more the better!

You can however help greatly to cut down the "processing" time...

If sending loads of gen from across many years PLEASE put it in chronological order before sending, especially if it's all in the same e-mail, excel spreadsheet or word document! Sticking to this will see it uploaded far quicker as it is much easier for me to plough through it without hopping back and forth over the years or, worse still, uploading something in the wrong year because it was sandwiched between two others from a different year and I didn't notice.

When it comes to uploading received gen, I do not keep to a strict "first in, first uploaded order" - rather I tend to concentrate on that which is EASIEST to comprehend or convert to html and thus is usually the quickest to be appear uploaded into a tour Page - thus allowing me to upload the most gen in a given available time. If you are submitting gen then, if it is at all possible, please try to adhere to the following "template"/order;

Obviously, where there is no gen available the information can be left out.

Though I may be pushing my luck, sticking to the common format as used throughout the Website would also be very much appreciated i.e.;

As always, I can accept basically any sensible media in which the gen exists or has been created e.g. e-mail, word, txt, excel, tiff, pdf, jpeg, bmp or hard copy (address can be provided upon request). If submitting a lot of gen at once then please also try and stick to the following "rules";

Timings are always an issue - here I am happier to accept them in whatever format you have them as I know typing them up is very time consuming, I'd rather have them in a format that needs me to copy them across into electronic format than never receiving them because you don't have time yourself to do it. If you are providing them pre-copied into an electronic format then please, if you can, no capitals or very heavy abbreviations.

I would also very much appreciate if you could be particularly careful to get dates correct - moving a tour by a whole year, month or day because of a simple typo is one of the most time consuming tasks I have to do when making corrections.

Ditto, when sending in additions or corrections to an existing tour Page or appeal for gen, please try and stick to the order as given above....particularly providing the DATE as early in the communication as possible - with over 11,000 tour Pages now uploaded trying to find "the Hertfordshire tour to xyz with loco 12345" is pretty difficult even for me!

Stuff sent in in the way described above often has a habit of getting uploaded much quicker. Oh, and if you have html skills and want to volunteer to assist then I am sure I can easily fill a few evenings of your time....

A couple of other requests - please do not simply 'rip off' information (e.g. timings) from other Websites or sources (e.g. newsgroups) and forward it to me. A big aim of mine is to try as far as possible to ensure the details on SBJ are as accurate as practically possible - I do not want the accuracy of SBJ potentially compromised by duplicating what may be inaccurate and/or unverified data from other sources. If you wish to send information taken from other Websites or sources then please ensure you have the Webmasters or contributors permission first - I do not have time to go getting permissions for your submissions. Any gen you provide even from other sources will be credited to you unless you confirm the other Webmasters/contributors permission has been granted for its use on SBJ. Finally: this Website is not about quantity, it's about accuracy. Referring me to other Websites or their Webmasters is something else I also have a small issue with - I have received plenty of information from people who have put in quite a lot of time and effort to provide useful gen in an appropriate format to keep me (and any helpers) busy for a long time. Spare time to go trawling through other Websites for snippets of new information, or photographs, or similar is basically a luxury I don't have.

Thanks for your understanding - here's to quickly hitting 20,000 Pages of gen!

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