28th December 2004

Compass Tours
The Cumbrian Fellsman

Train cancelled on the day at Oxley (before working 5Z71 ECS to Codsall) due to problems with the coaching stock.

Planned route & locos:
1Z71 : Codsall - Carlisle
1Z72 : Carlisle - Codsall

Locos Route
47316 + 47714 Codsall - Telford Central - Shrewsbury - Wem - Whitchurch - Crewe - Warrington Bank Quay - Wigan North Western - Blackburn - Hellifield - Appleby - Carlisle
47316 + 47714 Carlisle - Oxenholme - Lancaster - Preston - Wigan North Western - (reverse of outward route) - Codsall

Stock: 12135+12129+12124+12070+12052+12110+10235+11033+11066+11013+17173

Notes :
The Compass Tours Website carried the following explanation:
The cancellation was made due to a door locking system and lighting fault on several carriages, the train was formed of 11 carriages formerly used by Virgin Trains. It was known that four carriages had failed batteries and other faults affecting power to the heating and lighting in recent weeks and it was arranged through our train suppliers that well trained fitters from Alstom based at Oxley depot (where the train we were using has been kept whilst not in use) in Wolverhampton would repair the faults. Oxley is five minutes away from 28/12/04's excursion starting station of Codsall. On inspection last Monday the repairs had still not been fully attended to and of course the matter was chased up by us and our train providers. Yesterday (Monday 27th) repairs had been attempted and a promise by Alstom was made that the train was repairable and WOULD be ready for the morning of our excursion for the comfort of our passengers, and because a train with such faults will not be allowed to leave a maintenance depot (ie: Oxley - where the train was this morning) in accordance to the nationally used Railway Rule Book.
By this morning (Tuesday 28th) another carriage's lights had failed - bringing the total number of failed vehicles to FIVE, which was totally unacceptable.
With the failure of the carriage lights also came the failure of the orange external lights next to the doors on the five carriages affected, these lights alert the train guard and station platform staff that doors are unlocked when lit, another major fault which meant the train was not allowed to leave the depot.
Our scheduled departure time from Oxley was 0639 to depart Codsall by 0646. At 0700 it was looking quite likely that the faults would be rectified but at 0800 came the news that the train would not be allowed to leave as there was nobody on the depot to carry out repairs.
The above is unacceptable and appalling that our passengers had to freeze on their local platforms until information could be passed around - and once again we apologize

The tour that never was - shortly after cancellation the train is seen at Oxley.
(photo: Shaun Courtnage)

Sources : various including David Russell, Richard Rooker & Shaun Courtnage

Timings (Booked Only)

Location Booked   Booked
Codsall 06.46d   21.22a
Cosford 06/52   21/15
Shifnal 06.57a ~ 07.00d   21.07a ~ 21.10d
Madeley Jn 07/04   21/03
Telford Central 07.07a ~ 07.09d   20.58a ~ 21.00d
Wellington 07.14a ~ 07.16d   20.49a ~ 20.51d
Shrewsbury 07.34a ~ 07.50d   20.31a ~ 20.34d
Harlescott LC 07/55   20/26
Wem 08.05a ~ 08.07d   20.15a ~ 20.17d
Prees 08/11   20/10
Whitchurch 08.17a ~ 08.19d   20.01a ~ 20.03d
Wrenbury 08/26   19/53
Nantwich 08.32a ~ 08.34d   19.44a ~ 19.46d
Crewe Gresty Lane 08/41   19/39
Crewe 08.45a ~ 08.49d   19.16a ~ 19.32d
Crewe Coal Yard 08/53  
Winsford S.B 08/59  
Crewe Coal Yard 09/06   19/11
Winsford ?   19/03
Winsford S.B 09/12   19/02
Weaver Jn 09/18   18*36a ~ 18*54d
Acton Grange Jn 09/25   18/30
Warrington Bank Quay 09/27   18/28
Dallam Jn 09/31   18/26
Winwick Jn 09/33   18/24
Springs Branch 09/45   18/09
Wigan South Jn 09/46   18/09
Wigan North Western 09/47   18/08


Location Booked
Wigan North Western 09/47
Balshaw Lane 09/55
Euxton Jn 09/57
Farington Jn 10/01
Lostock Hall Jn 10/10
Blackburn 10/22
Daisyfield Jn 10/23
Clitheroe 10/42
Horrocksfield Jn 10/43
Hellifield 11/02
Settle Jn 11/06
Ribblehead 11/22
Blea Moor 11/25
Garsdale 11/36
Kirkby Stephen 11/46
Appleby 11/57
Kirkby Thore S.B 12/03
Culgaith Crossover 12/06
Low House Crossing S.B 12/21
Petteril Bridge Jn 12/31
London Road Jn 12/33
Carlisle 12.36a ~ 15.47d
Penrith 16/08
Tebay 16/25
Oxenholme 16/39
Carnforth North Jn 16/51
Morecambe South Jn 16/54
Lancaster 16/56
Preston 17.22a ~ 17.42d
Ribble Jn 17/43
Farington Curve Jn 17/45
Euxton Jn 17/58
Balshaw Lane 18/01
Wigan North Western 18/08

Timings continue in first table.

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