4th July 2004

Mercia Charters Limited
The State of Flux

Tour originally postponed from 12th June 2004 owing to CFL (Luxembourg Railways) providing insufficient time between finalising the specification and cost and the running date, the re-dated tour was then cancelled as insufficient bookings were received by the cut-off date.

Planned route & locos:

Luxembourg Mersch Ettelbruck Kautenbach Troisvierges Gouvy (rev) Troisvierges Kautenbach Ettelebruck Mersch Luxembourg Berchem Bettembourg Ville Noertange Bruchenberg Ttange Langengrund (rev) Ttange Bruchenberg Scheuerbusch Esch-sur-Alzette (rev) Noertrange Bettembourg Ville Berchem Luxembourg Hollerich Capellen Kleinbettingen (rev) Steinfort (rev) Kleinbettigen (rev) Capellen Luxembourg Hollerich Luxembourg depot (rev) Luxembourg

Notes :
Mercia Charters had requested that a minimum of 5 locomotives work this train, taken from classes 800, 850, 900, 1800, 3600, and ME26 (if any still in the Country), but due to ongoing motive power problems on CFL they were unable to state which locomotive type will work specific parts of the train.

Source : Mercia Charters Limited

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