10th July 1999

Worksop Depot C.T.C.
The Worksop Midlothian

Locos Used 37682, 47734, 58016 & 58048
Stock Used 3119+3132+3131+3133+3144+3110+3100+21245+1813+4996+4946+5008

Route :
1Z?? : Retford to ???
1Z58 : ??? to Retford

Locos Route
58016 + 58048 Retford - Worksop - Doncaster - York - Newcastle - Edinburgh Waverley
58016 + 58048 (1) Edinburgh Waverley - Dunfermline
37682 (2) Dunfermline - Kinkardine PS
58016 + 58048 (1) Kinkardine PS - Kinkardine - Dunfermline - Cardenden - Kirkcaldy - Inverkeithing - Rosyth Dockyard
37682 (2) Rosyth Dockyard - Inverkeithing
58016 + 58048 (1) Inverkeithing - Haymarket - Edinburgh Waverley
58016 + 58048 Edinburgh Waverley - Carlisle - Keighley - Whitehall Curve - Altofts Jn - Turners Lane Jn - Crofton East Jn - Doncaster - Retford
47734 (2) Retford - Worksop

Notes :
(1) 37682 on rear.
(2) 58016 + 58048 on rear.

Sources : David Clark, Glyn Thomas, Derek Sneddon & Mike Hunt

Tour review
(by David Clark)

The expectancy started on the Thursday night when the rumours went out that the two 58s were 58024 and 58048, and a Class 37 would be added at Edinburgh for the "Top 'n' Tail" operation around the freight lines that we were to visit.

This was to be my first 58 tour. The tour was to originate at Retford and pick-up points at Worksop and Doncaster, and we were to go out to Edinburgh, and from there a mini tour would take us to Kincardine, Longannet and round the Fife Circle to Glenrothes, Rosyth Dockyard and back to Edinburgh.

An early morning drive from Scunthorpe saw us get to Doncaster in enough time to take a steady walk up to the platform. At around 7am 58016 and 58048 came out from the London direction and approached Platform 4.

The acceleration was fantastic, and we were soon in out stride as we headed for York where I was hoping for the York avoiding line but unfortunately we were routed in to the station. Again after York we were routed on to the fast lines and on to the racing track to Newcastle. On Tyne Yard was noted 66053, 86416 and 90034 while on Newcastle station was 47788. On arrival at Newcastle there were loads of photographers, seeing the tour, presumably Class 58s very rarely venture north of Milford Junction.

The run up to Edinburgh was quite uneventful, apart from passing 37417 on an engineers train. However, we were looking for a early arrival at Edinburgh until we got stopped at Prestonpans, and from then on we were signal checked in to Edinburgh all the way to Craigentinny. We stopped next to Craigentinny and were surprised when D172 "Ixion" came in to the carriage sidings with a ECS of charter stock which had just arrived from the south via the West Coast Main Line. A spot on arrival saw a break of 30 minutes for people to stretch their legs and people walking around the station looking at the Units of which Class 158s looked smart in the Scot-Rail colours.

Back at the charter we waited for the tractor for the mini tour which was to begin. A Locowatch correspondent informed us the only 37 on Millerhill was 37682 "Hartlepool Pipe Mill". Sure enough it came in to Waverley, not before a rumour had gone around that there had been an incident at the east end of the station.

We set off at 11.50 (15 down) for Charleston Jct. (Dunfermline) where the train reversed for the Kincardine branch. After passing Haymarket we went passed Edinburgh airport and we were soon on to the number one bridge in UK "The Forth Bridge". You could see all along where maintenance people were maintaining the bridge and along most sections there was scaffolding in place.

Reversal at Dunfermline saw us heading towards Kincardine with the tractor leading, there was once a junction on this line which used to go to Alloa. The branch was quite scenic as it skirted along the Forth estuary. Soon, we were approaching Longannet Power Station and went round the huge complex to head towards Kincardine. I was surprised at the number of people at Kincardine who turned up to see us.

Reversal at Kincardine saw the 58s leading as we headed for the Fife Circle and the Rosyth branch line. Once back we passed many 150's and the last 117's on our way to the north part of the circle and down the East Coast of Scot land to Inverkeithing, where we took the 1.75 mile branch line to Rosyth.

After reversal at Rosyth the 37 was leading as we again headed for Inverkeithing. At Inverkeithing the 58s leaded for the final part of the mini tour back to Waverley via the Forth Bridge and Haymarket in to Edinburgh.

We departed Edinburgh at 17.24 but due to flooding in Haymarket tunnels we were held just out side Edinburgh station. Once passed Haymarket we picked up speed and was soon heading south down the West Coast Main Line. Here the locos did their best to out pace the Virgin trains as their speed was in excess of 80mph. Noted on Carlisle Kingmoor was 60084 and 60097 and in the DRS depot was 20301, 20303, 20304, 20305, 20310, 20312, 20313, 20314, 20315, 20901, 20906 and 37604. We then arrived with more photographers at Carlisle to find 86417 and 92026.

We left the station down the Settle and Carlisle where we had a gentle stroll along some proper track. Due to heavy engineering work in the area there were many speed restrictions and single line workings. We soon found ourselves at Ribblehead across the viaduct and we were greeted by some campers who were camping near the viaduct.

We soon came in to Skipton, where units were stabled and we strolled in to the suburbs of Leeds before crossing the running tracks to access the line to Woodlesford and thence to Altofts Curve, Wakefield Kirkgate and on to the main Leeds to Doncaster Line .

We alighted at Doncaster at 22.45. We had thoroughly enjoyed the tour and waited until the 58s left to reflect on an excellent and interesting day out. The locos thrashed their way out of Doncaster station (P3) to Retford and Worksop. A bonus I found out later was that I had cleared my 158s for sight. I look forward to the next 58 tour organised by the Worksop Open Day Committee.

David Clark

Timings (Booked and Actual)
(from Richard Tuplin & Gordon Lacy)

Miles Location Booked Actual
0.00 Retford 06.00d 06.00
7.75 Worksop 06.14 (a/d?) 06.15
28.04 Doncaster 07.07 (a/d?) 07.10
61.31 York 07.39 (a/d?) 07.38
91.27 Northallerton 08/02  
105.41 Darlington 08/16  
127.44 Durham 08/40 08.37
141.47 Newcastle 09.02a ~ ??.??d 08.59 ~ 09.01
208.47 Berwick 09/57 09/50
Edinburgh Waverley [P21] 11.00a ~ 11.33d 11.00 ~ 11.52
? Haymarket 11/36 11/56
? Haymarket West Jn 11x38 11/59
? Dalmeny Jn 11/45 12/05
? Inverkeithing 11/51 12/12
16.40 Charleston Jn 12.04 ~ 12.12 12.20 ~ 12.24
? Longannet 12/43 12/59
28.44 Kincardine 12.55 ~ 13.00 13.13 ~ 13.20
? Longannet 13/12 13/27
40.48 Charleston Jn 13/42 14/10
? Cowdenbeath 13/53 14/16
? Clunybridge Jn 14/06 14/26
? Redford Jn 14/08 14/28
? Thornton South Jn 14/12 14/32
? Kirkaldy 14/17 14/37
? Burntisland 14/24 14/47
85.51 Inverkeithing 14/33 14.58 ~ 15.03
86.81 Rosyth Dockyard 14.53 ~ 14.58 15.14 ~ 15.21
88.20 Inverkeithing 15.16 ~ 15.34 15.36 ~ 15.37
? Dalmeny Jn 15/41 15/43
? Haymarket West Jn 15/51 15/50
? Haymarket 15/53 15/51
Edinburgh Waverley 15.57a ~ 17.24d 15.55 ~ 17.24
101.70 Carlisle 19.13a ~ 19.16d 19.08 ~ 19.09
175.30 Settle Jn 20/59 20/51
188.51 Skipton 21/28 21/18
245.70 Doncaster 22.45 (a/d?) 22.45
263.20 Retford 23.04 (a/d?) 23.03
270.95 Worksop 23.35a 23.35

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