8th August 1998

Along Different Lines
The CFD Chopper Tour

Locos Used CFD 2003 & CFD 2004 (ex-BR 20139 & 20228)

Route :

Locos Route
2003 + 2004 Auxerre - Cravant-Bazarnes - Avallon - La Rochelle-en-Brenil - Autun - Etang
2003 + 2004 Etang - Avallon - Cravant-Bazarnes - Auxerre

Notes :
(1) Nick Bartlett comments: Photo stops on the outward journey were at Cravant-Bazarnes, Avallon, La Roche en Brenil, Saulieu and Autun. A typical long French lunch break was taken at Autun, which gave us chance to visit the depot and phot the other 2x 20s, which were both outside the shed, CFD 2001 (20035) and CFD 2002 (20063). CFD 2002 was minus bogies, with the body supported on a pile of sleepers. I was told it was under repair due to derailment damage? Requests were then made to get CFD 2001 on to the train, but this was refused however the French don't understand the concept of 'Bashing'! On the return journey Photo stops were at Avallon and Cravant-Bazarnes.
(2) This tour was effectively re-run on 16th October 1999 though that tour used different locos (CFD 2001 & 2002).

Source : Nick Bartlett

Timings (Booked Only)
(from Stephen Atkinson)

Location Booked Booked
Auxerre SNCF 08.50d 19.40a
Cravant Bazarnes 09p08a ~ 09p18d 18p55a ~ 19p20d
Avallon 09p58a ~ 10p20d 17p05a ~ 19p15d
La Roche en Brenil 10p57a ~ 11p07d ?
Saulieu 11p30a ~ 11p45d ?
Autun 12.36a ~ 13.42d 14.52a ~ 15.12d
Etang 14.05a 14.32d

Connecting Services;

Date Location Booked (out)
07/08 Dover 11.30d
P&O Stena Line ferry
07/08 Calais 13.45a ~ 14.00d
road coach
07/08 Auxerre 20.00a
08/08 Auxerre (Hotel Premier Classic) 07.45d ~ 20.30d
08/08 Auxerre (Hotel Ibis) 08.15d ~ 20.15a
08/08 Auxerre SNCF 08.30a ~ 20.00a
09/08 Auxerre (Hotel Premier Classic) 08.00d
09/08 Auxerre (Hotel Ibis) 08.30d
09/08 Calais 15.00a ~ 15.30d
P&O Stena Line ferry
09/08   15.45a

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