15th & 17th August 1997

NENTA Traintours
Tattoo and Highland Weekend Break

Did this 'charter' run? Details taken from a tour advert.

Route : (service trains only)

Date Traction Service Train(s) Booked Route
15/08 ????? various (local stations in East Anglia) - Peterborough
15/08 class 91 'Flying Scotsman' 10.45d Peterborough - (via ECML) - Edinburgh Waverley - Glasgow Central 15.19a
17/08 class 91 12.45 to Kings Cross 12.45d Glasgow Central - Peterborough
17/08 ????? various Peterborough - (local stations in East Anglia)

Notes :
(1) This outing was using service trains only however is included for completeness as was offered as a package by a railtour charter company.
(2) All options upon arrival into Glasgow were off-train, using road coaches where needed.

Source : Gary Thornton

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