26th April 1997

The Overnight Bag

Locos Used 33026, 33030 & 33051

Route : 1Z49 throughout

Loco(s) Route
33030 + 33051 Finsbury Park - Freight Terminal Jn - Camden Rd. East Jn - Gospel Oak - Willesden Junction High Level Jn - North Pole Jn - Latchmere Jn - Longhedge Jn - Factory Jn - Brixton - Herne Hill - Shortlands Jn - Gillingham - Faversham - Canterbury East - Dover Priory
33030 + 33051 Dover Priory - Ashford International - Tonbridge - Petts Wood Jn - Bickley Jn - Shortlands Jn - Nunhead - Factory Jn - Longhedge Jn - Latchmere Jn - Kensington Olympia
33026 Kensington Olympia - Latchmere Jn - West London Jn - Nine Elms Jn - London Waterloo

Notes :
Overnight mini-tour prior to a full daytime railtour, The Classic Crompton.

Source : Richard Hughes& David Bellamy (both on the train throughout)

Tour Review
(by Mike Broom)

Why oh why oh why.... That was our first thought, when we stood at Finsbury Park, North London at half past midnight. The whole idea of doing a tour round Kent whilst most (sensible) people are hard fast asleep, is something which did not come easily. But it's one of those things that had to be done just for the sheer "riot" value.

The 0008 from Kings Cross arrived with about 150 bashers on it.. The station was already more or less full before we arrived. 300+ bashers on an island platform is a sight to be seen. The screen at Finsbury Park said "Waterloo International" which I suppose is a bit optimistic for a pair of Class 33's.

Our engines for the night were 33051 + 33030. 33116 was at Hither Green having a well earned rest from tour duties.

I can imagine the scene at Stewarts Lane. Driver clocks on, looks at roster and sees he's got a pair of 33's for the night. Driver thinks "nice saunter with a ballast". Driver looks for Headcode 6X bizarre... finds1Z49. Driver thinks "What the F#%#!!!"

The poor driver finding he's got over 300 plus bashers behind his engines.. Must have given him heart failure!! Anyway, he got our coaches to FP in plenty of time for our departure.. We made progress towards Kensington Olympia for a crew change at 0132.. God knows where the crew went from there, but I would guess a taxi may have been needed. Next stop Dover Priory. We passed rather uneventfully through areas like Brixton (were I quite expected bricks through windows and things). Dover was reached at 0322 for a "Photo-Stop". A bloody photo stop at half three!! What use is that?? Anyway for most it was a chance to get some doss while nowt was happening. We were there for 55 minutes, during which the only action was a RES train heading north bound and a couple of southern unit things shunting in the tunnel.

The run along the south coast was interesting in the fact there was a lot of stuff passing us. Several huge freights including a 92 hauled monster and a couple of double duffs. Dollands Moor was host to several 47s and about 8 class 92s of which none could be noted due to the fact a Ford train was sat in front of the stabling area.

The run back inland saw me scratch a bit of track, but other than that it was uneventful. Kenny O was reached on-time, where we detached our partners for the night and exchanged them for a clapped out tatty looking 33026.

33026 was minus it's nameplates, depot plaque and BR logo. All in all it looked worse than some of the ones that are in the scrapline at Stewarts Lane. Anyway it was a scratch for me (A clawback on Ian!!)

The class 33 was the "Mystery Engine" mentioned on the booking form. I think if they'd said 1 x Class 33 on the booking form I doubt there'd have been 300+ people on this tour... Once we got to Waterloo, we had the usual photo's taken, and then left to go unit bashing (sad I know). It was better than sticking with the train and having Cromptons to Exeter and back... (The boredom factor on that train must have been intolerable).

In summary, a tour that was worth doing just for the hell of it and to have a day in London. Other than that, it was nothing special (despite the scratch).

Review by Mike Broom.

Timings (Booked Only)
(From David Bellamy)


Finsbury Park 00.53d
Freight Terminal Jn 00/58
Camden Road East Jn 01/02
Camden Road Jn 01/05
Gospel Oak 01/10
Kensal Green Jn
Willesden High Level Jn
Mitre Bridge Jn
North Pole Jn
Kensington Olympia
Latchmere Jn
Longhedge Jn 01/43
Factory Jn 01/46
Voltaire Road Jn 01/47
Brixton 01/49
Herne Hill 01/50
Beckenham Junction 01/56
Shortlands Jn 01/58
Bickley Jn 02/01
St. Mary Cray Jn 02/02
Swanley 02/07
Sole Street 02/17
Rochester Bridge Jn 02/25
Gillingham 02/32
Sittingbourne 02/41*
Faversham 02/41*
Canterbury East 03/01
Shepherds Well 03/12
Buckland Jn 03/17
Dover Priory 03p22a ~ 04p17d
Folkestone East 04/29
Folkestone Central 04/32
Continental Jn 04/37
Ashford International 04/49
Headcorn 05/00
Paddock Wood 05/10
Tonbridge 05/18
Sevenoaks 05/29
Orpington 05/39
Petts Wood Jn 05/41
Bickley Jn 05/43
Shortlands Jn 05/47
Nunhead 05/55
Cambria Jn 05/58
Brixton Jn 05/59
Shepherds Lane Jn 06/00
Voltaire Road Jn 06/01
Factory Jn 06/03
Longhedge Jn 06/05
Latchmere Jn 06/08
Kensington Olympia 06.12a ~ 06.30d
Latchmere Jn 06/36
West London Jn 06/38
Nine Elms Jn 06/40
London Waterloo 06.46a

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