14th April 1996

Along Different Lines
The Dürener Kreisbahn

Loco Used steam: Emil Meyrisch no. 2 (4)
Stock Used 2 coaches (5)

Route :

Loco Route
2 Düren - Krauthausen - Jülich - Linnich (2)
2 (6) Linnich - End of Line
2 Linnich (EoL) - Jülich - Ederen
2 Ederen - Kirchberg (8) - Jülich-Nord (2) (7)
2 Jülich-Nord (2) - Kirchberg (8) - Jülich
2 Jülich - Krauthausen - Düren - Üdingen - Heimbach (3)
2 Heimbach - Üdingen - Düren

Notes :
(1) Passengers from the UK used service train 413 from Oostende (06.34d) to Köln as far as Düren (10.13a). Returning home was using a service train departing Düren at 18.39 and arriving into Oostende at 22.09 for the ferry.
(2) Booked to make a "false start" (for photography) before final departure.
(3) For those returning to the UK a DKB Service train was to have be taken (18.29d) to get back to Düren (18.39a) in time for the service train to Oostende however late meant this wasn't possible and a later service train (arriving Oostende 00.09) was taken instead, tour participants remaining with the railtour throughout.
(4) Built by J Krupp in 1953 this 2-8-0 tank loco was built as a "heavy shunter". It was the last standard gauge steam loco to see service in Germany (other than in preservation) and served the Emil Meyrisch mine at Siersdorf to the north-west of Düren until 29/12/1992. On retirement it transferred to Düren for use by the Dampfbahn Rur-Wurm-Inde on the tracks of the DKB.
(5) Booked for 3 coaches, the buffet-car was unavailable having been withdrawn for repairs.
(6) Loco propelling.
(7) Train was fly-shunted at the depot at Jülich-Nord, some passengers staying on during the manoeuvres.
(8) May have been a reversal here (the Eisenbahnatlas Deutschland suggests so at any rate).

Chris Harleys ticket.

Source : Chris Harley

Timings (Booked Only)
(from Chris Harley)

Location Booked
Düren 10.20d
Linnich 11w05a ~ 11w45d
Ederen 13.00a ~ 13.10d
Jülich-Nord 13w55a ~ 15w10d
Jülich 15.40a ~ 15.50d
Düren 16w15a ~ 16w30d
Heimbach 17.27a ~ 19.08d
Düren 20.11a

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