30th March 1996

Past Time Rail
The Cumbrian Mountain Express

Locos Used at least steam 46203 'Princess Margaret Rose'

Route :

Loco Route
diesel Northampton (or Nottingham?) - Carlisle
46203 Carlisle - Settle - Hellifield - Clitheroe - Blackburn - Farington Jn - Crewe
diesel (2) Crewe - Stafford - Northampton (or Nottingham?)

Notes :
(1) Route confirmation required. 46203 was originally uploaded as 46229 in error. Some sources quote the train as having originated at Nottingham, others Northampton.
(2) Crewe to Stafford (and on to location unknown) was shown as hauled by
60009 'Union of South Africa' but this has been questioned, the suggestion being 46203 gave over to a diesel which returned the train to Northampton. Some sources confirm that the train was originally booked for haulage by 60009 but that 46203 substituted.

Sources : various including Alex Cunningham (joined at Carlisle, left at Crewe) & Henry Allum

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