28th December 1994


Loco(s) Used at least steam: 35028 'Clan Line'
Stock Used 12 coach set

Route :

Loco Route
35028 10.03d Clapham Junction - Wimbledon - Woking - Farnborough (Main) - Basingstoke - Andover - Salisbury - Templecombe - Yeovil Junction - Honiton - Exeter Central - Exeter St Davids
????? ?Exeter St Davids - Clapham Junction?

(1) Jeff Hawken comments: I was on the above from Clapham Junction to Exeter. I'm not sure if thatís because the steam only worked one way, or because maybe this was a one-way 'positioning special'.

Source : Jeff Hawken (on the train from Clapham Junction to Exeter St Davids

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