9th October 1994

Pathfinder Tours

The Dorset Docker


Locos used 20075, 20187, 37375, 47475, 47547 & 47567

Route : 1Z62 throughout

Loco(s) Route
47567 Wolverhampton - Newport
20187 + 20075 Newport - Yeovil Pen Mill (1)
37375 + 20075 (2) Yeovil Pen Mill - Westbury
47475 + 20075 (2) Westbury - Bristol Parkway
47475 (3) Bristol Parkway - Wolverhampton

Notes :
(1) 20187 failed at Yeovil Pen Mill. Train was terminated here and sent back northwards.
(2) plus 20187 dead-in-tow.
(3) Plus 20075 & 20187 dead-in-tow. Assisted up Lickey by 47547.

Craig Sullivan comments :
20187 failed at Bath and Westbury on outward but managed to stagger on to Yeovil where the tour was cancelled due to being so late and replacement engine would have took too long to arrive. At Yeovil there was a open day at Yeovil Juction so Pathfinder let us use our tickets on the steam special in between the 2 stations the steam engine was 30053 that was running up and down all day. 37375 was took from the open day when it finished to work our tour back in the evening, which it worked in multi with 20075 then was replaced at Westbury by 47475, the driver agreed to work the 20 in tandem with the 47 but upon arrival at Bristol Parkway the 20 driver was told he was over his hours and was told just to leave the 20 idle which he did until they realised that a 47+2 dead 20s and load 12 was a bit much for a 47 up Lickey so 47547 was summoned to assist (I'm sure it would have been easier for the 20 to just push up Lickey but I suppose rules are rules, not the anybody would have known apart from us).

Source : Craig Sullivan (on the train throughout)

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