19th February 1994

Branch Line Society
The Radlett Roundabout

DMU's Used L703 (51401+51359) + L722 (51387+51345)

Route :

London Liverpool Street (P7), Down Main, DM to Down Cambridge at Bow Junction, Carpenders Road South Jn, Channelsea North Jn, High Meads Jn, Temple Mills East Jn, Coppermill North Jn, Tottenham South Jn, South Tottenham East Jn, Junction Road Jn, Carlton Road Jn,  route to Down Fast, Up Hendon, West Hampstead non platform line, West Hampstead North Jn route to Down Hendon line, Brent Curve Jn , x-over to Down Fast, Hendon (P4), Radlett Junction, x-over to Down Slow, St Albans (P2) , P2 to Turnback Siding
St Albans Turnback Siding, St Albans (P1), Redland Aggregates entrance, Redland Loop line, doing a complete loop
Redland Loop, Down Slow, Flitwick (P2), Bedford (P2), Down Slow to Down Fast at Bedford North Jn, Sharnbrook Jn , x-over to Up & Down Slow, Harrowden Jn, Kettering South Jn, x-over to Down Slow, Kettering (P2), Kettering North Jn x-over to Down Main, Kilby Bridge Jn, x-over to Up & Down Slow, Wigston North Jn, Down Main, Knighton Jn, Saffron Lane, Braunstone Gate sidings
Braunstone Gate sidings, Saffron Lane, Knighton Jn
Knighton Jn Signal LR326, to Up & Down Goods
Knighton Jn Up & Down Goods Loop Signal LR325, Up Main (RVL), Signal LR399 route to Up and Down Slow through Leicester Station, Up & Down Slow to Syston South Jn, Syston East Jn, Melton Mowbray, Oakham, Manton Jn, Ketton Cement Works Jn
Ketton Cement Works Jn, Ketton Exchange Sidings, Ketton Castle Cement Siding near Loading Silo
Ketton Castle Cement Siding, Ketton Cement Works Jn, Stamford, Up Stamford Line, Peterborough (P5), Down Slow (RVL), P56 Signal route "B", Fletton Branch, Orton Mere (P1) [Nene Valley Railway], Ferry Meadows, Wansford (P2), Yarwell Mill Loop
Yarwell Mill Loop, Wansford (P2), Ferry Meadows, Orton Mere (P2), Peterborough Nene Valley Halt
Peterborough Nene Valley Halt, Orton Mere (P1)
Orton Mere (P1), Fletton Branch, Down Slow, Peterborough (P4), Down Slow, Down Stamford, New England North Jn near 20.25 milepost
New England North Jn, x-overs to North Up Arrival Line, South Up Departure line, Eastfield Box, South Up Departure line, Peterborough (P3)
Peterborough - Stevenage - London Kings Cross

The train is seen reversing at Braunstone Gate (photo: David Pearson)

Sources : Shayne Lewis (joined Liverpool Street, left Peterborough)
& Don Kennedy

Timings (Actual Only)
(provided by Shayne Lewis)

Location Actual
Liverpool Street 08.09d
Temple Mills East Jn 08/21
Coppermill Jn 08/28
South Tottenham East Jn 08/32
Junction Road Jn 08/38
Carlton Road Jn 08/41
West Hampstead 08/56
Cricklewood Centre 09.04a ~ 09.10d
Radlett Jn 09*21a ~ 09*25d
St Albans 09.32a ~ 09.35d
Turnback Siding 09.37a ~ 09.44d
Redland Loop 10.04a ~ 10.20d
Flitwick 10/46
Bedford (P2) 10.59a ~ 11.20d
Bedford North Jn 11/22
Sharnbrook 11/28
Kettering (P2) 11.50a ~ 12.12d
Glendon North Jn 12/17
Kilby Bridge Jn 12/33
Wigston North Jn ??.??a ~ 13.06d
Braunstone Gate ??.??a ~ 13.39d
Knighton Jn (U&DG) 13.55a ~ 13.58d
Leicester Station (U&DS) 14.04a ~ 14.38d
Syston East Jn 14/48
Ketton Jn 15/31
Ketton Exchange Sidings 15.38a ~ 15.46d
Ketton Castle Cement 15.50a ~ 15.52d
Ketton Cement Jn 16/00
Peterborough (P5) 16.19a ~ 16.28d
P56 signal 16/33
Orton Mere 16.53a ~ ??.??d
Yarwell Mill ??.??a ~ ??.??d
Wansford ??.??a ~ 17.49d
Peterborough Nene Valley 18.10a ~ 18.13d
Orton Mere (P1) 18.19a ~ 18.29d
Peterborough (P4) 18.41a ~ 18.42d
New England North 18.47
Peterborough (P3) 19.00a

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