2nd May 1993

Branch Line Society
Tour de Luxe

DMUs Used CFL 208 & 218

Route :

DMUs Route
as listed Luxembourg [P7] – Ettelbruck – Kautenbach - Troisvierges
as listed Troisvierges - Kautenbach
as listed Kautenbach – Wiltz
as listed Wiltz – Kautenbach - Ettelbruc
as listed Ettelbruck – Diekirch – end of line
as listed End of line – Diekirch – Ettelbruck – Bissen
as listed Bissen  - Ettelbruck
as listed Ettelbruck – Luxembourg - Kleinbettingen
as listed Kleinbettingen – Steinfort – End of Lin
as listed End of line – Steinfort - Kleinbettingen
as listed Kleinbettingen – Bertrange – Luxembourg Ouest – Luxembourg Triage – Berchem – Bettembourg – Dudelange Branch Jn East – Dudelange Branch Jn West (1)
as listed Dudelange Branch Jn West – Dudelange Branch Jn South (1)
as listed Dudelange Branch Jn South – Dudelange Branch Jn East – Bettembourg (1)
as listed Bettembourg – Dudelange Usines (1)
as listed Dudelange Usines – Bettembourg (1)
as listed Bettembourg – Noertzange – Rumelange/Ottange - end of line
as listed End of line - Rumelange/Ottange - Tetange
as listed Tetange – Langengrund (2)
as listed Langengrund – Tetange – Esch sur Alzette – Audun le Tiche
as listed Audun le Tiche - Esch sur Alzette
as listed Esch sur Alzette - Rodange
as listed Rodange – Dippach - Luxembourg Ouest – Luxembourg Triage – Alzingen -  Oetrange – Wasserbillig – CFL/DB Boundary
as listed CFL/DB Boundary – Wasserbillig – Mertert Port – end of line
as listed end of line  – Mertert Port – Wasserbillig
as listed Wasserbillig – Oetrange – Sandweiler - Luxembourg

Notes :
Dudelange Branch not included in final timings- a 57 minute break at Bettembourg in its place. This was rectified on the day by first of all running around the Branch triangle then the tour train forming a service train to Dudelange Usines and back.
(2) The Langengrund Branch was in the itinerary and timing sheet but Andy Pullar doesn’t recall the train visiting the line. Can someone please confirm the route?
(3) The events also included a visit on 01 May 1993 to the AMTF site at Fond de Gras for trips over the museum lines by standard gauge railbus, steam loco and coaches and narrow gauge steam and mine loco.
(4) Of the non passenger track not covered the Kohlbierg Branch was requested  but refused and there was insufficient time to fit the Styren – Berchem curve in the itinerary.

Source : Andy Pullar

Timings (Booked Only)
(from Andy Pullar)

Location Booked
Luxembourg 08.14d
Troisvierges 09.13a ~ 09.25d
Kautenbach 09.45a ~ 09.52d
Wiltz 10.03a ~ 10.13d
Kautenbach 10.24a ~ 10.25d
Ettelbruck 10.??a ~ 10.??d
Diekirch 10.45a ~ 10.52d
Ettelbruck 10.57a ~ 11.00d
Bissen 11.25a ~ 11.35d
Ettelbruck 11.49a ~ 11.50d
Luxembourg 12.13a ~ 12.20d
Kleinbettingen 12.36a ~ 12.40d
Steinfort 12.47a ~ 12.57d
Kleinbettingen 13.04a ~ 13.08d
Luxembourg Avoiding Line 13/21
Bettembourg 13.35a ~ 13.42d
Noertzange 14/36
Rumelange/Ottange 14.45a ~ 14.55d
Tetange 15.00a ~ 15.02d
Langengrund 15.10a ~ 15.20d
Tetange 15/26
Esch sur Alzette 15.37a ~ 15.38d
Audun le Tiche 15.43a ~ 15.50d
Esch sur Alzette 15.56a ~ 16.00d
Rodange 16.17a ~ 16.30d
Dippach - Reckange 16/40
Alzingen (via Avoiding Line) 16/55
Syren 17/00
Oetrange 17/03
Wasserbillig 17.21a ~ 17.31d
Mertert Port 17.45a ~ 18.00d
Wasserbillig 18.12a ~ 18.18d
Oetrange 18/42
Sandweiler 18.47a ~ 18.49d
Luxembourg 18.56a

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