18th April 1993

Branch Line Society
Port of Felixtowe Rail Tour

Loco Used D3489 'Colonel Tomline'
Stock Used Brake vans

Route :

Loco Route
D3489 ??? - ???

Notes :
(1) Route confirmation required - two trips made, one in the morning and one in the afternoon. The rare track on this day was the connection between the north and south terminals.

Source : John Harrup

Timings (Booked Only)
(from John Harrup)

Morning Train

Afternoon Train Activity
Time Time Activity
09.15 Welcome to Port
09.20 passengers board train
09.30 13.30 Train propelled to south end of south terminal
09.40 13.40 Pull up South Terminal
09.45 13.45 Up No:1 Main to Beach Station
09.50 13.50 Set back to South
09.55 13.55 Pull into Creeks - fence road - Beach Station end
Passengers disembark
D3489 run-round, attach to other end of train
Passengers board
10.10 14.10 Pull into Rail Yard No:2 onto Berth 5
10.15 14.15 Cross main road to Police Station
Passengers disembark
"Long photo session" (15mins)
Passengers board
10.30 14.30 Propel back through Rail Yard No:2
Change to Line 3
Pull through Rail Yard
10.40 14.40 Pull across the Dock
Pull into Line 4 North Terminal - One Policeman to remain
10.45 14.45 Set back onto Stops
10.55 14.55 Pull down Reception Road to far north end
Passengers disembark
D3489 run-round to front of train
Passengers board - Police made ready
11.10 15.10 Pull back across Dock
11.25 15.25 Pull through Rail Yard up No:1 Main to Beach Station
11.35 15.35 Set back onto South Terminal
Passengers disembark

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