1st June 1992

? Network SouthEast ?
(Class 442 Unit Naming Ceremony Special)

EMU Used class 442: 2415 'Mary Rose'

Route : 1Z40 (SR: 71) throughout

EMU Route
as listed Portsmouth & Southsea - Portcreek Jn - Havant - Petersfield - Haslemere
as listed Haslemere - (reverse of outward route) - Portsmouth & Southsea

Notes :
(1) Unit was named 'Mary Rose' at
Portsmouth & Southsea (in connection with the Tudor Warship 'Mary Rose' on display at the Historic Dockyard next to Portsmouth Harbour Station) before working this trip which was available to invited guests only.

Source : Chris Bracey

Timings (Booked Only)
(from Chris Bracey)

Location Booked (out) Booked (rtn)
Portsmouth & Southsea 10.35d [LL] 12.03a [LL]
Portcreek Jn 10/41 11/55
Havant 10/44 11/50
Petersfield 10/58 11/37
Haslemere 11.10a 11.25d [UL]

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