1st October 1988

British Rail
(Merrymaker Excursion)

Locos Used 47543 & 47627
Connecting DMU's Used 53960+54241 out & 53983+54242 back

Route :

Loco Route
47543 Carlisle - (via WCML) - Bescot - Soho North Jn - Kidderminster - Bristol Temple Meads (1) - Weston-super-Mare
47627 Weston-super-Mare - Bristol Temple Meads - Kidderminster - Soho North Jn - Bescot - (via WCML) - Carlisle

Notes :
(1) Train should have stopped at Bristol Temple Meads but was put on the through road by the signalman. Train was then stopped at Bedminster and an HST headed by 43108 was stopped at Bedminster to pick up the passengers to get them to Bristol.
(2) Connecting DMU's ran from Barrow to ??? & back.

Sources : Simon Reed & Derek Thompson

Photo Review
(all photos: Derek Thompson)

47627 pulls into Bristol Temple Meads on the way back northwards.

Timings (Booked Only)
(from Derek Thompson)

Location Booked (out) Booked (rtn)
Carlisle ??.??d ??.??a
Weston-super-Mare ??.??a 16.37d

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