9th April 1988

?The South Yorkshireman?

Loco(s) Used at least steam: 5305
Stock Used 11 coaches (support coach, Pullman Car No 335 and 9 Mk1s in maroon livery)

Route :

Loco Route
5305 ?London Marylebone Dorridge ??? Sheffield
???? Sheffield (?reverse of outward route?) - London Marylebone

Notes :
(1) Originally uplaoded as having run on 16th April 1988 in error.
(2) Route & loco confirmation required. Despite carrying a headboard proclaiming "Phil's Seventieth Birthday" this was in fact a 'normal' SLOA outing (?South Yorkshireman?) which carried the headboard in the northbound direction to commemorate the 70th Birthday of a former engineman who was on the train and was a regular driver of the train engine, 5305, when it was in BR service.

Sources : Gordon Jakes & Jim Arkell

Photo Review
(all photos: Gordon Jakes)

5305 arrives into Dorridge northwards.

5305 passes Bentley Heath LC north of Dorridge.

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