2nd April 1988

Enfield Expeditions Club
Easter Experience Railtour

DMU Used X4574 + XR8412 (Caravelle Autorail)

Route :

DMU Route
as listed Paris Gare de l'Est - Noisy le Sec - Grande Ceinture - Racc. de Gagny Nord - Racc. de Gagny Est - Vaires North Reception Lines - Vaires Gare Voyagueurs
as listed Vaires Gare Voyagueurs - via flyover to South Yard then Slow Line - Racc. de Gagny Est - Racc. de Gagny Sud - Grande Ceinture - Villiers sur Marne - Gretz Armainvilliers - Verneuil l'Etang - (1) - Longueville Station
as listed Longueville Station - Provins (2)
as listed Provins - Longueville Yard - Longueville Depot (AJECTA) (3)
as listed Longueville Depot - Longueville Yard
as listed Longueville Yard - Flamboin Gouaix
as listed Flamboin Gouaix - Vimpelles - Montereau - Héricy - Melun - Corbeil Essonnes - Juvisy - Vigneux sur Seine - Villeneuve St Georges - Valenton - Grande Ceinture - Sucy Bonneuil - Champigny - Nogent le Perreux - Noisy le Sec - Pantin - Paris Gare de l'Est

Notes :
(1) Freight line to Coubert refused at short notice because of fears of a demonstration by a local Pressure Group seeking re-opening to passengers of the line.
(2) Provins to Villiers St Georges refused. Organiser did not realise the branch was operated by CFTA.
(3) Lunch was provided during the layover at Longueville Depot by AJECTA volunteers in their 1927 Fleche d'Or Pullman Car and 1938 Train Bleu Dining Car - Longueville Depot being owned by AJECTA and used to store and maintain their preserved locos and rolling stock. North British built steam loco 140C231 was posed on the turntable for photographs once lunch had been completed.
AJECTA = Association de Jeunes pour l'Entretien et la Conservation des Trains d'Autrefois.

Source : Andy Pullar

Timings (Booked Only)
From Andy Pullar

Paris Gare de l'Est
Vaires Gare Voyagueurs
?? ~ ??
Longueville Station
?? ~ ??
11.05 ~ 11.20
Longueville Depot
11.30a ~ 14.30d
Longueville Yard
?? ~ ??
Flamboin Gouaix
?? ~ ??
14.57 ~ 15.07
Paris Gare de l'Est

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