5th March 1988


DMUs Used 52056+59148+53930, 52060+59149+51945

Route :

DMUs Route
as listed Blackpool North - ??? - Bradford-on-Avon
as listed Bradford-on-Avon - ??? - Blackpool North

(1) This tour was possibly organised by a Walking / Rambling Group? A marathon day trip from the North West of England to Wiltshire in a six-car DMU formation!
(2) The tour E.C.S. ran to / from Westbury.

The tour on arrival at Bradford-on-Avon (photo: David Bartlett)

Source : Guy Vincent & David Bartlett

Timings (Actual Only)
(from Guy Vincent)

Location Actual (out)   Actual (rtn)
Blackpool North ??.??d   ??.??a
Bradford-on-Avon 12.22a   17.??d

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