27th June 1987

British Rail (S.R.)
Gravesham Edwardian Fair

EMUs Used 2090 & 4732

Route :

EMUs Route
4732+2090 Gravesend - Strood - Rochester (- Gillingham?)
2090+4732 (Gillingham? - ) Rochester - Strood - Gravesend

Notes :
(1) Multiple runs made - further details required. 'Chris' adds: As far as I remember, the train shuttled theoretically hourly between either Rochester or Gillingham and Gravesend - definitely didn't turn round at Strood, as I photo'd it East of there with passengers leaning out of windows. I chased it around for photos at Rochester, Strood, Higham and Gravesend, and seem to remember it got later behind schedule as the day went on. 2090 was at the London end, 4732 the country end of the formation, and 4732 carried a headboard. 2090 carried a '63' stencil headcode. No actual times, as I can't find any notes for the day, but one of my photos shows it heading towards Gravesend at 12.46 at Strood. That would fit in with following the Gill-CX services at xx.35 at Strood. I think you got on for free if you dressed up as an Edwardian - not sure.
Brian Halford comments: There was an additional unadvertised service with the 2BIL and 4SUB which ran 10.57 London Bridge-Strood (maybe beyond) via Greenwich, Woolwich and Dartford which ran fast London Bridge to possibly Dartford which I travelled on to Strood.

Sources : Greg Beecroft, 'Chris' & Brian Halford

Photo Review
(all photos by 'Chris')

2090 leads 4732 through Higham.

Strood station.

Strood once again, the train approaches from Rochester Bridge.

Higham, looking towards Gravesend.

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