20th December 1986

British Rail
The Dickens Festival Express

Loco Used steam: 3440 'City of Truro'

Route :

Loco Route
3440 10.00d York - Malton - Seamer - Scarborough
3440 12.20d Scarborough - (reverse of outward route) - York
3440 14.50d York - Malton - Seamer - Scarborough
3440 17.30d Scarborough - (reverse of outward route) - York

Notes :
(1) Ticketed as two separate round trips. The main reason for running the train was the Malton Dickens Christmas Festival (which in 1986 was a really big event) and a special Scarborough Festive Fair and lights. Described by Phil Durrell as "A Scarborough Spa Express but with thermal underwear and a scarf". He further comments: Stops of about 20 minutes each way were made each way at Malton. On the station complimentary glasses of warm punch were given out and a brass band played and a choir sang carols as well as stalls selling hot chestnuts and baked potatoes. A good number of the passengers on the train and crowds at the stations entered into the spirit of things by dressing in Victorian costume. To make sure the atmosphere was kept suitably Christmas like on the train entertainment was more than liberally provided by groups of jugglers, accordion and flute bands, a magician, several can-can dressed lady dancers, singers, musicians, a magician and even a contortionist (I kid you not!). 'City of Truro' performed splendidly, even with 10 coaches on. For both trips driver Kenny Franks was in charge who was previously at Newton Abbot before moving to York so was only too familiar with Great Western Engines.

Source : Phil Durrell

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