12th October 1986

Network SouthEast
The Blackmore Vale Express

Locos Used 33001, 50045 & steam: 6998 'Burton Agnes Hall' & 35028 'Clan Line'

Route :
?1Z06? London Waterloo - Yeovil Junction
1Z07 Yeovil Junction - Salisbury
1Z08 Salisbury - Yeovil Junction
1Z09 Yeovil Junction - London Waterloo

Loco Route
50045 London Waterloo - Basingstoke - Salisbury
35028 10.03 Salisbury - Yeovil Junction (former down platform)
35028 12.20 Yeovil Junction (former down platform) - Salisbury
6998 14.17 Salisbury - Yeovil Junction (former down platform)
6998 17.27 Yeovil Junction (former down platform) - Salisbury
33001 Salisbury - Basingstoke - London Waterloo

Notes :
(1) Repeat of 5th October 1986 tour (different locos?) and also ran on again on 18th October 1986. Timing sheet implies that  6998 'Burton Agnes Hall' was standing in for 777 'Sir Lamiel'. It is thought that the stock ran from Waterloo in the morning bringing in passengers for the morning train and ran back to Waterloo in the evening carrying passengers from the afternoon trip - confirmation anyone?
(2) Pete Turtle questioned if the train ran on either this date or 5th October - he believes it only ran on the following two weekends (18th/19th & 25th/26th). Andy Pullar however reconfirms the A4 card timing sheet in his possession is dated both 5th and 12th October and he travelled on trains on the 12th (Andy comments: I was at work on the 5th so had to book tickets for the 12th. I was booked on the first train with 35028 but unbeknown to me the stock had been retimed to leave earlier from Waterloo than advertised so I missed it. I had to travel by service train to Yeovil Junction. so only got 35028 in the up direction. To compensate me for this Mr Daniels authorised my ticket to be valid on the afternoon run behind 6998. This was fine except I was working nights that weekend. I had hoped for some sleep in the afternoon).

Sources : Andy Pullar & Dave Lodwick

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