25th May 1986

Venture Rail
The Wirksworth Phoenix

DMU Used 151001

Route : (booked for six round trips)

DMU Route
as listed Derby - Duffield - Wirksworth
as listed Wirksworth - Duffield - Derby

Notes :
(1) A special service run in conjunction with the Well Dressing Ceremonies held at Wirksworth over this weekend. Confirmation is required if the same DMU worked all services (undated photos exist of 151002 carrying the headboard so it is known to have also worked on either 24th, 25th or 26th May at some stage). Six round trips were booked to be made. Connecting coach excursions were also available to the Cromford & High Peak Railway sites also.

Sources : Ian Umpleby (from advertising leaflet), Bob Yeadon & Paul Chancellor

Timings (Booked Only)
(from Ian Umpleby)

Location Booked Booked Booked Booked Booked Booked
Derby 08.50d 10.40d 12.26d 14.15d 16.05d 17.40d
Duffield 09.04a/d 10.49a/d 12.35a/d 14.24a/d 16.14a/d 17.48a/d
Wirksworth 09.35a ~ 09.45d 11.20a ~ 11.35d 13.06a ~ 13.22d 14.55a ~ 15.10d 16.45a ~ 16.52d 18.15a ~ 18.30d
Duffield 10.16a/d 12.06a/d 13.53a/d 15.41a/d 17.23a/d 19.01a/d
Derby 10.23a 12.13a 14.00a 15.48a 17.30a 19.08a

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