5th April 1986

Hertfordshire Rail Tours
The Mersey Punter

Locos Used 47462 & 85023
EMUs used set(s) including M29289M & M28690M

Route :

Traction Route
85023 London Euston - Watford Junction - (via WCML, Trent Valley) - Warrington Bank Quay
47462 Warrington Bank Quay - Broad Green - Olive Mount Jn - Edge Lane Jn - Bootle Jn - Aintree Sefton Arms
EMU Aintree - Liverpool Central - Hunts Cross
EMU Hunts Cross - Liverpool Central - Paradise Jn - Hamilton Square - Rock Ferry - Hooton
EMU Hooton - Hamilton Square - Lime Street - Hamilton Square - Bidston East Jn - New Brighton
EMU New Brighton - Bidston East Jn - Up and Down Goods Loop - Bidston East Jn - West Kirby
EMU West Kirby - Hamilton Square - Paradise Jn - Liverpool Central
EMU Liverpool Central - Aintree
47462 Aintree Sefton Arms - Bootle Jn - Edge Lane Jn - Olive Mount Jn - Broad Green - Warrington Bank Quay
85023 Warrington Bank Quay - (via WCML, Trent Valley) - Watford Junction - London Euston

Notes :
Jeremy Sleightholm comments : The itinerary and timing sheet envisaged that after reversal at New Brighton the Class 503 EMU would return to Bidston East Jn and reverse again in Bidston Up & Down Goods Loop to run back past the junction to Bidston. However, on the day after reversing at New Brighton the train continued to the crossover east of Birkenhead North before reversing again. I do not know why, or can't remember whether the train traversed the loop on its way to or from Birkenhead North.

Sources : Martin Pettit (joined/left the train at Watford Junction)
& Jeremy Sleightholm (on the train throughout)

Photo Review

47462 arrives into Aintree Sefton Arms station (photo: Clive Hanley)

28690, resplendent in LMS livery sits at Hooton, then the limit
of electrification. (Photo: Ray Pettit)

From Bob Mitchell's ticket collection.

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