20th March 1986

V.S.O.E. (British Pullman)
Bournemouth Belle

Loco(s) Used at least 33027 'Earl Mountbatten of Burma'
Stock Used VSOE (BP)

Route : SR headcode 91

Loco Route
????? London Victoria - ??? - Bournemouth
????? Bournemouth - ??? - London Victoria

Notes : 
(1) Route & loco confirmation required - 33027 seen on the train at Bournemouth.
(2) This was reported as the first public re-run of the 'Bournemouth Belle' since 09/07/1967. The train was met by the Lord Mayor and media upon arrival at Bournemouth.

33027 arriving to a warm welcome into Bournemouth (photo: Mike Cope)

Source : Nick Bartlett & Nick Hanham

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