28th December 1985

L.C.G.B. (North West Branch)
The Moorsrider

DMUs Used 53812+53355+53482+53433 & 53940+54273+54271+51909

Route :

DMU Route
53812+53355+53482+53433+53482 Southport  - Manchester Victoria (1)
53940+54273+54271+51909 Manchester Victoria - Diggle - Leeds - Northallerton (Boroughbridge Road) - Middlesbrough - Battersby
53940+54273+54271+51909 Battersby - Grosmont (2) - Whitby
53940+54273+54271+51909 Whitby - (reverse of outward route) - Battersby
53940+54273+54271+51909 Battersby - (reverse of outward route) - Southport

Notes :
(1) Complete train failed at Manchester Victoria on outward run and was replaced by 2 x Class 108.
(2) For booked trip on NYMR (using top-n-tail GWR 6619 & Hymek D7029). In the event the NYMR train only got as far as Fen Bog due to snow blocking the line.

Source : Mark Harrington (from notes provided by Keith Till)

Tour Review

The tour left Southport, routed via Manchester Victoria for a post Christmas visit to the NYMR. The DMU consist included 53812, one of the last Cravens cars in service. Surely the last Cravens to work onto the Esk Valley? However, the complete train was failed on arrival at Manchester Victoria and replaced by Newton Heath with a four car Class 108. More delay was added at York when the train set off without the guard after a crew change, although he soon caught up running along the ballast after the train was stopped at the next signal. Despite being routed via the avoiding lines at Northallerton to save a few minutes the tour was now 3 hours late and arrival at Grosmont was in the dark (and snow). The NYMR had provided a train top and tailed with GWR 6619 and D7029, which wasn't able to proceed further than Fen Bog due to snow blocking the line.  Half of the tour passengers had stayed on to Whitby on the DMU, which subsequently lost all lighting and heating in one of the two 108 sets. Everybody crammed into the remaining serviceable 2-car set for the very late return journey to Southport. BR gave a 100% refund to the tour operator, enabling a substantial refund to passengers.

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