21st September 1985

The Landore Lodger / The Swindon Ambassador IV

Locos Used 25034 & 25175
Stock Used 4972+4989+3952+5005+4991+7179+35286

Route : 1Z43 throughout

Locos Route
25034 + 25175 Bolton - ??? - Birmingham New Street (2) - ??? - Didcot - Swindon - Cardiff - Swansea - Llanelli
25034 + 25175 Llanelli - (via Central Wales line) - Shrewsbury - ??? - Bolton

Notes :
(1) Originally uploaded as having run on 25th September, in error.
(2) Defective vehicle(s) removed at Birmingham New Street. John Hyde comments: 'I think it was in 1985 that the train left Bolton and hit a shopping trolley resulting in a stop at Kearsley as it caught the brake gear in the rear coach, which was removed at Victoria'. Was this the same incident, if so, were coaches removed at both Manchester Victoria & Birmingham New Street as a result?
(3) Route confirmation required - reversal points (if any) not listed above.

The 25's arrive into Swansea (photo: Derek Thompson)

Sources : Jake Atkinson, Steve Bates, Derek Thompson, John Hyde
& Mick Baker (joined at Birmingham New Street/left at Shrewsbury)

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