7th September 1985

(RAF Finningley Airshow Shuttles)

DMU Used 53063+59717+53119+53831+59713+53834

Route :

DMU Route
as listed Doncaster - Up East Slow Line - Up Lincoln/Down Loco Line - Up Lincoln Line - Finningley GF
as listed Finningley GF - Finningley Airshow Platform
as listed Finningley Airshow Platform - Down Lincoln Line - Up Lincoln/Down Loco Line - Decoy Up Yard Transfer Line - Bridge Jn - Doncaster

Notes :
(1) Confirmation of how many runs were made is required. Andy Pullar travelled on the 08.15 ex-Doncaster [P2] and 08.35 return from Finningley to Doncaster [P2].

Source : Andy Pullar

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