30th August 1983

West Midlands Runabout Tour

DMUs Used 53707+59272+53684+53306+59528+53325

Route :

DMU Route
as listed (1) (ECS) Birmingham New Street - Tyseley No.1 Shunt Frame (ECS)
as listed (1) (ECS) Tyseley No.1 Shunt Frame - Birmingham Moor Street
as listed Birmingham Moor Street - North Warwicks Line - Stratford upon Avon
as listed Stratford upon Avon - Dorridge - St. Andrew's Jn - Washwood Heath Up & Down Goods - Park Lane Jn - Ryecroft Jn - Walsall - Dudley - Stourbridge Junction
as listed Stourbridge Junction - Galton Jn - Soho North Jn - Perry Barr South Jn - Aston - Stetchford - Coventry
as listed Coventry - Nuneaton - Lichfield Trent Valley (Low Level)
as listed Lichfield Trent Valley - Lichfield Trent Valley Jn (High Level)
as listed Lichfield Trent Valley Jn - Brownhills - Ryecroft Jn - Walsall - Bescot - Perry Barr North Jn - Soho North Jn - Dudley Port - Wolverhampton
as listed Wolverhampton - Portobello Jn - Darlaston Jn - Perry Barr North Jn - Soho South Jn - Birmingham New Street - Camp Hill - Lifford East Jn - Lifford West Jn - Birmingham New Street - ? - Birmingham Moor Street (2) ?

(1) Empty stock for the train ran from Tyseley to Birmingham New Street to load refreshments, then back to Tyseley No.1 Shunt Frame to reverse to Birmingham Moor Street. Passengers were allowed on the empty stock at Birmingham New Street for the run to Moor Street.
(2) It is assumed the train terminated at Moor Street at the end of the trip. Confirmation anyone?

Sources : Andy Pullar (on the train from New Street to New Street) & Mark Palethorpe

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