27th August 1983

Branch Line Society
Strathclyde Wanderer

DMU Used 53239+59053+53245

Route :

DMU Route
as listed 10.02 Glasgow Central - Bridge Street Jn - Smithy Lye Through Siding - Shields Jn No.2
as listed Shields Jn No.2 - Up Through Siding - Terminus Jn
as listed Terminus Jn - General Terminus
as listed General Terminus - Terminus Jn - Muirhouse South Jn - Kilmarnock
as listed Kilmarnock - Barassie Jn
as listed Barassie Jn - Kilwinning Down Goods Loop
as listed Kilwinning Down Goods Loop - Holm Jn - Hunterston High Level Siding
as listed Hunterston High Level Siding - Holm Jn - Paisley Gilmour Street - Shields Jn - Larkfield Jn - Rutherglen Jn - Carmyle Jn - Langloan Jn - Whifflet North - Mossend - Up Braidhurst Loop - Motherwell
as listed Motherwell - Down Braidhurst Loop - Mossend - Sunnyside Jn - Gunnie Reversing Sidings (2)
as listed Gunnie Reversing Sidings - Airdrie - Inverhouse Distillery Exchange Siding
as listed Inverhouse Distillery Exchange Siding - Airdrie - Sunnyside Jn - Gunnie Reversing Sidings (2)
as listed Gunnie Reversing Sidings - Whifflet South Jn
as listed Whifflet South Jn - Rosehall Jn
as listed Rosehall Jn - Calder Yard Points
as listed Calder Yard Points - Rosehall Jn - Langloan Jn
as listed Langloan Jn - Gartcosh Jn - Springburn
as listed Springburn - High Street Jn - Shields Jn No2.
as listed Shields Jn No.2 - Glasgow Central

Notes :
(1) This tour was part of a weekend of events in Scotland which included a Sunday bus tour (on 28th August) for train rides along all available track at the Bo'ness Railway and the Lochty Private Railway.
(2) The train proceeded just far enough down the Gunnie Branch to clear the signal protecting Sunnyside Jn both times.

Source : Andy Pullar

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