23rd July 1983

Branch Line Society
Warcop Wanderer

DMU Used 51901+59386+52055+51943+59388+52058

Route :

DMU Route
as listed Manchester Victoria Miles Platting - Philips Park No.1 - OA&GB Jn - Stalybridge
as listed Stalybridge OA&GB Jn Heaton Norris Jn - Stockport Edgeley Jn - Northenden Jn - Skelton Jn Arpley Walton Old Jn Acton Grange Jn - Frodsham Jn - Helsby
as listed Helsby Frodsham Jn - Runcorn Speke Jn - Edge Hill - Liverpool Lime Street
as listed Liverpool Lime Street Edge Hill - Edge Lane Jn - Atlantic Dock Jn Bootle Jn - Bootle Oriel Road Hall Road - Southport
as listed Southport Burscough Bridge - Wigan Wallgate Wigan Station Jn
as listed Wigan Station Jn Wigan North Western Lostock Hall Jn Cherry Tree - Blackburn Clitheroe Hellifield Wennington Carnforth East Jn Ulverston Dalton Jn - Park South Jn Askam
as listed Askam Park South Jn Dalton Jn Ulverston Carnforth East Jn Wennington Hellifield
as listed Hellifield Settle Appleby - Appleby East Jn
as listed Appleby East Jn Warcop
as listed Warcop Appleby East Jn
as listed Appleby East Jn - Appleby Settle Keighley Whitehall Jn (1) Leeds (1)
as listed (1) Leeds (1) Engine Shed Jn Methley Jn Altofts Jn Wakefield Kirkgate Hebden Bridge Rose Grove Blackburn Lostock Hall Jn Wigan North Western Golborne Jn Parkside East Jn Eccles Manchester Victoria

Notes :
(1) Tour diverted into Leeds due to very late running. Some passengers, Dave Jones among them, used a service train to return to Manchester.
(2) Originally uploaded as organised by David Isherwood, Dave Cook has since confirmed David Isherwood organised this outing on behalf of the Branch Line Society.

Sources : Dave Jones (left the train at Leeds) & Greg Beecroft

Timings (Booked Only)
(from Greg Beecroft)

Location Booked
Manchester Victoria 07.20d
Ashton Moss North Jn 07/31
Stalybridge 07.35a ~ 07.42d
Ashton OA & GB Jn 07/46
Denton Jn 07/51
Heaton Norris Jn 07/57
Stockport 08.00a ~ 08.06d
Northenden Jn 08/14
Skelton Jn 08/19
Sinderland Crossing 08/23
Arpley Jn 08/47
Walton Old Jn 08/52
Acton Grange Jn 08/55
Frodsham Jn 09/00
Helsby 09.05a ~ 09.10d
Frodsham Jn 09/15
Halton Jn 09/19
Ditton Jn 09/24
Speke Jn 09/28
Wavertree Jn 09/32
Edge Hill 09/35
Liverpool Lime Street 09.42a ~ 09.55d
Edge Hill 10/00
Edge Lane Jn 10/04
Bootle Jn 10/14
Marsh Lane Jn 10/17
Hall Road 10/27
Southport 10.47a ~ 10.51d
Meols Cop 10/55
Burscough Bridge 11/03
Wigan Wallgate 11/19
Wigan Station Jn 11.21a ~ ??.??d
Wigan North Western 11.27a ~ 11.29d
Balshaw Lane Jn 11/39
Farington Jn 11/47
Lostock Hall Jn 11/52
Cherry Tree 12/02
Blackburn 12.05a ~ 12.07d
Clitheroe 12/24
Hellifield 12/46
Settle Jn 12/51
Wennington 13/08
Carnforth East Jn 13.23a ~ 13.24d
Carnforth F&M Jn 13/25
Grange-over-Sands 13/37
Ulverston 13.47a ~ 13.48d
Dalton 13/56
Park South Jn 13/59
Askam 14.03a ~ 14.07d
Dalton 14/13
Ulverston 14.20a ~ 14.21d
Grange-over-Sands 14/33
Carnforth East Jn 14.46a ~ 14.51d
Wennington 15/03
Settle Jn 15/23
Hellifield 15.28a ~ 15.32d
Settle 15/39
Blea Moor 15/56
Ais Gill 16/08
Appleby 16/26
Appleby East Jn 16.31a ~ 16.35d
Warcop 16.55a ~ 17.05d
Appleby East Jn 17.25a ~ 17.30d
Appleby 17.35a ~ 17.50d
Ais Gill 18/15
Blea Moor 18/26
Settle 18/38
Hellifield 18/47
Skipton 19.01a ~ 19.03d
Keighley 19/16
Guiseley Jn 19/29
Wortley Jn 19/41
Sig. L871 19.43a ~ 19.47d
Altofts Jn 20/04
Wakefield Kirkgate 20.12a ~ 20.18d
Thornhill LNW Jn 20/29
Heaton Lodge Jn 20/34
Sowerby Bridge 20/47
Hebden Bridge 20/56
Copy Pit 21/07
Rose Grove 21/15
Accrington 21/20
Blackburn 21.30a ~ 21.32d
Farington Jn 21/51
Balshaw Lane Jn 21/59
Wigan North Western 22.08a ~ 22.10d
Golborne Jn 22/18
Parkside East Jn 22/21
Eccles 22/33
Manchester Victoria 22.44a

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