12th February 1983

S.L.O.A. Marketing
Cumbrian Mountain Pullman (Southbound)

Locos Used AC Electric(s) & steam: 1000, 5407, 5690 'Leander' & 61306 'Mayflower'
Stock Used 5x Blue/grey mark 1's & ?x Pullmans

Route :

Loco(s) Route
AC Electric London Euston - (via WCML, ???) - Carlisle
1000 + 5690 Carlisle - Petteril Bridge Jn - (via S&C) - Settle Jn - Hellifield
5407+61306 Hellifield - Settle Jn - Clapham - Carnforth
AC Electric Carnforth - (via WCML, ???) - London Euston

Notes :
(1) David Ingham comments: I photographed 1000 and 5690 hauling the train at Newbiggen, Kirkby Stephen and Ribblehead. I think the train departed from Carlisle at 11:55 and 1000 and 5690 hauled the train from Carlisle to Hellifield.
(2) Chris Allen comments: Your details say the train left Carlisle at 11.55 so the train was almost certainly a Euston departure, with me getting on at Watford Junction, electrically hauled, going straight to Carlisle if it was to get there in time for a 11.55 departure. Once the CMP had completed its run over the S & C and reached Hellifield, both locos came off and separated. I have a photo of the Compound and its support coach in a siding there. However, which way did the train go to get back to the WCML, via Carnforth or Blackburn? It has to be Carnforth as I have a photo of Black 5 No 5407 and the B1 No 61306 Mayflower double heading the CMP facing west towards Carnforth from where the train would be electrically hauled back to Euston. Though I was on it, I've no memory of this aspect of the trip or that to Carlisle in the morning after all this time but I think its a pretty safe assumption that what I've said above is correct. Whatever, my main and only memory is of the steam working over the snowy S & C (including spectacular run pasts at Appleby for which I have photos), a truly a memorable trip.

Sources : Chris Allen (joined/left the train at Watford Junction), David Ingham & Henry Allum

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